Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Juggling Act

The NHL is making an increasing number of schedule changes, as the pandemic continues to impact games.

NHL looking to increase rate of COVID-19 rapid testing |
With increasing anecdotal evidence of in-game transmission, getting results on game days would be helpful in slowing the spread through the league, yeah.

NHL announces schedule changes for 27 games | ProHockeyTalk
The schedule in the East is about to get crunched badly. Not great for player health or game quality, as cramming games together like that increases injury risk as well as, well, fatigue.

PWHPA, Rangers partner for first Secret Dream Gap Tour game in 2021 | The Ice Garden
Meanwhile, the New York Rangers will be hosting a game between two PWHPA squads at the end of the month--hopefully without incident, though given the way the East is looking right now that's not a bet I'd be willing to make.

As NHL deals with COVID-19 in U.S., Canadian-based players thankful for North Division | CBC Sports
Yeah, I can imagine.

Editorial: Foresight, communication, clarity: what the NWHL must still work on in seasons to come | The Ice Garden
The NWHL has a strange relationship with its reporters, where the league will direct people to/openly thank The Ice Garden for coverage--something I can't imagine the Preds doing with us, or any other NHL team doing with its SBNation affiliate. However, it sounds like the NWHL's reasoning behind that is imperfect.

Penguins narrowing GM search in hopes of filling vacancy quickly |
I refuse to look up the name of the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania because I know it’s very similar to that of one of the applicants, and the idea that the Pittsburgh Penguins are trying to grab a completely non-hockey guy out of local politics to run their hockey team (which they’re not) is too funny to dismiss.

Q&A — 17-year-old Yanic Duplessis on being gay and proud in hockey | CBC Kids News
I have no idea why this is in this Kids News interface, when it's a reasonable Q&A with a 17-year-old, but whatever, I'm glad it's...somewhere where kids can find it, if they need a positive example? Anyway: best of luck to the guy.

Despite loss, Senators find new life in season with revitalized roster |
Do they, though? Do they really? Listen: as one victim of the Matt Duchene curse to another, I wish Sens fans the best, but I don't think it can yet be said that the Sens are having a good season (though they do keep collecting talented young players, so maybe soon).