Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Perseverance

We’re perseverating, anyway. I don’t know about the Preds.

Recap: Nashville Predators 0, Florida Panthers 2: Saros stellar in Preds debacle | On the Forecheck
If you turned off the game when the Panthers had 10 shots on goal and the Preds had 2, you already know how it went. Catch up with the recap anyway if you'd like to see me calling Radko Gudas a coward and giving Pekka Rinne, who didn't even play, the Preds' third star of the game.

NHL Trade Deadline: Predators changes can start with Ekholm trade | ProHockeyTalk
Thanks, I hate it here.

Quick Shifts: Maple Leafs should trade for more than a forward |
"Dubas has also noted that, on average, Stanley Cup finalists lose one player per round due to injury." Hey uh, has the NHL considered that maybe that's not great? I'll hang up and listen.

Lots of Nashville Predators names coming up elsewhere in this article as well, including a (baseless, as far as I know) theory about Pekka Rinne to the Colorado Avalanche which I, a person who doesn’t enjoy the “Joe Sakic as flawless GM” idea, do not like. Don't make me cheer for Joe Sakic's Avs, GMDP. Don't do it.

Avalanche teach Wild a hockey lesson with two lopsided wins | ProHockeyTalk
Well...maybe a teeny tiny little bit of cheering for the Avs. Just a soupçon, for flavor.

Dani Rylan Kearney resigns as NWHL advisor, president of W Hockey Partners | The Ice Garden
I'll be honest and admit I don't know how it would affect the landscape of women's professional hockey, but if the NWHL's new leadership is able to address the concerns the PWHPA has, and the players are able to get together in a single league as a result, it feels as if that would be beneficial. But maybe I'm totally wrong, and the PWHPA's barnstorming and the NWHL's settled team locations are both doing important things to grow the game that would be lost if everyone just stayed put.

How Jesse Puljujarvi is blossoming into a star for the Edmonton Oilers |
That draft was such a weird one, and it's only gotten weirder.

Wisconsin wins 2021 National Championship, 2-1 | The Ice Garden
Oh, poor #27. Incredible, incredible play from Watts, but that poor girl. (I'd normally look up the name of a player I don't know, but if I ever run across #27 in some other context I'm going to let her be something other than "isn't that the woman who got a championship-winning shot banked off her side?" in my memory banks. Godspeed, #27.)

Why Canucks' Thatcher Demko should be a mid-season Vezina candidate |
More goalie analysis should consider goals saved above expected instead of simply goals saved above average. Not all shots are created equal, as Preds fans know to our sorrow. Obviously, at the moment, the fact that each stats site has a different xG model complicates that, but even so. The Vancouver Canucks are bad, and Thatcher Demko is good, and that's useful information to have!