Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Relief

The Preds got a big win in a big game.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Nashville Predators 6, New Jersey Devils 4: Preds Top Devils in Goal-Scoring Showdown | On the Forecheck
If you, like me, missed last night's game (I was running a D&D session, because sometimes I take a break from being a nerd about sports games to be a nerd about tabletop games instead), then you, like me, can catch up with Shaun's fantastic recap. The recap is great and the game itself sounds like it was a lot of exciting fun.

P.K. Subban gets a warm tribute during his return to Nashville | ProHockeyTalk

Other News & Notes

Kessel returns to Pittsburgh trying to find his game for Coyotes | ProHockeyTalk
In spite of his performance against the Preds, Phil Kessel hasn't been great for the Coyotes. Meanwhile, Alex Galchenyuk hasn't been great for the Penguins--it still astonishes me how badly the Canadiens mishandled him.

Bruins suffer first home regulation loss to Avalanche |
The Avs are already scary. The Avs with Taylor Hall doesn't bear thinking about.

Devils encouraging teams to step forward with Taylor Hall offers |
So uh, if someone else could do something about that...? Soon...? Thanks!

NHLPA covered up theft of union funds, lawsuit alleges |
Reading about lawsuits over alleged tax fraud and other alleged financial misconduct is definitely what you wanted to do with your weekend, right?

Hurricanes remain ‘hopeful’ for a Justin Williams comeback | ProHockeyTalk
Have they considered offering him some kind of staff position if he isn't sure about playing but they still want him around to help out the "budding young team" "off the ice" as well as on it? Seriously. More teams need to think outside the box that way about players they want around for morale, or sometimes specifically to help young players new to the country settle in.

Lucas Frey leaves HV71 | The Ice Garden
The coach of the SDHL's best team has unexpectedly left for personal reasons, midseason. The team said that it was unrelated to his coaching style.

Improving hockey culture to be discussed at NHL Board of Governors meetings |
They're going to do basically nothing, but they're going to have a meeting about it first!

Ryan Getzlaf calls Garnet Hathaway ‘cowardly’ for taking so long to fight Erik Gudbranson | Russian Machine Never Breaks
Ryan Getzlaf has a lot of nerve talking about the good ol' days and how hockey players don't respect the old standards. Those would be the ones where you can use slurs on the ice and nobody knows because there aren't cameras, right? Or maybe the ones where you bring people to the game solely to punch other people not to play hockey? Just stop talking, buddy.

Avs’ rising star Cale Makar shaken by hit from Bruins’ Marchand | ProHockeyTalk
One of these days, Brad Marchand is going to go into the penalty box, and the door is going to get "stuck".

5 cities the NWHL could host their 2020 All-Star Weekend in | The Ice Garden
I was hoping for Phoenix, so I could go, but these are all good suggestions too.

What’s driving Coyotes’ fast start, and how can they maintain it? | ProHockeyTalk
It is ridiculous to me how successful the Coyotes are compared to the rest of the Pacific right now.