Sunday's Dump & Chase: Strategies

Not counting some arbitration hearings, general managers have mostly put together their plans for the upcoming season. Some teams are going with youth, others are going with grit, and some have decided giving aging players large contracts is a great idea. If we could just play the games already…

Around Hockey

Predators see fit with P.K. Subban's personality | The Tennessean
I don't know how it will play in the room, but he shouldn't have any issues with the fanbase.

Preds Host Glow In The Dark Skate Event | News Channel 5
Glow in the dark ice is extra difficult to skate on. I may just be a terrible skater.

29 fun things we learned at Smashfest V -
Interesting snippet: Cam Talbot says he isn't sure any of the goalies have received their new, slimmer equipment for the upcoming season.

Coyotes sign D Schenn to two-year deal - TSN
This could be a decent signing, depending on his deployment.

Eberle: ‘We haven’t made the playoffs … and something needed to change’ – ProHockeyTalk
Something needed to change, but "change for the sake of change" may not always be the right move.

Backes Feels Like A Bruin But That's Not What They Need - TSS
Backes in anything other than the blue note is going to be very, very strange.

Dark Horse Candidates for the 2017 Calder Trophy | The Hockey Writers
If Matthews plays a full season I find it very unlikely he doesn’t walk away with the trophy.

NBC's formula to fix lagging NHL ratings: more of the same, and cross your fingers | Awful Announcing
Great point about playoff ratings linked to regular season scheduling.

Montrealer keen to represent Tunisia in first-ever African Ice Hockey Cup - CBC News
The tournament will be played three-on-three.

'Canes on the rise thanks to winning the shot differential battle - TSN
The Canes were actually exhibit A for why corsi is an incomplete metric last season.

Cult of Hockey: Oilers’ depth chart at centre is short on experience but long on promise | Edmonton Journal
They have McJesus, they'll be fine.

Flyers aiming for smoother start, might inject youth |
I think letting Gagner go was a mistake, but they’ve opened up a lot of cap space for themselves.