Team Toews 17, Team Foligno 12: 2015 NHL All-Stars Set Scoring Record, Filip Forsberg Pots a Pair

The theme of the All-Star Game is goals, and this one had the most in history.

The main event of the weekend finally arrived. Team Foligno and Team Towes threw down the gauntlet to see who could score the most goals while playing the least amount of hockey. The skating and the pace of the game was definitely plodding along at a quarter of normal game speed, but you can't blame them. It's a meaningless game that's supposed to be more of a show than a competition, and who really wants to twist an ankle doing that?

While boring at times, there was no shortage of scoring. 29 total goals were scored throughout the night by 18 different goal scorers. Everyone but Phil Kessel, Anze Kopitar and Zemgus Girgensons recorded at least a point, goalies excluded. Overall, the game was exactly what you'd expect: a non-serious event, meant to be fun for the players and let them show a little personality for the fans.

It capped off a fantastic weekend in Columbus, who nailed hosting duties this year. But more on that in the coming days...

Random Observations

  • Shea Weber and Ryan Suter were entranced in sweet, sweet nostalgia as they got the nod to be the starting defensive pair for Team Toews.
  • With the amount of boos showered upon Rick Nash by the locals this weekend, you can't help but wonder if Suter is going to get a nod next year. I'm sure there are plenty of fans in Nashville that would mind getting the opportunity to jeer him for an entire weekend. Personally, I think everyone needs to get over it, but what do I know?
  • There was your normal amount of All-Star scoring in the first period, but when you put Corey Crawford and Marc-Andre Fleury in between the pipes for a goal-centric event... your shtuff is going to get lit up. A combined gazillion goals were scored on those two, with MAF getting the worst of it. By the end of the period, the fans in Lumbus were mock-cheering him every time he touched the puck. He was on the home team.
  • Forsberg cleaned up Johnny Hockey's garbage in the second period for his first All-Star goal. The effort level there was on par with the pizza delivery guy showing up to your house by mistake, but giving you the pizza anyway. But hey, they all count! Congrats to Fil! :)
  • He would notch his second of the night late in the third period against Brian Elliott. Forsberg is now the only Nashville Predator to score in an All-Star Game.
  • Weber didn't pot one, but he did get an assist.
  • After the combined 26th goal scored on the night (scored by Patrick Kane for the home team) the entire arena braced for the cannon fire... and nothing. There was so much scoring the Cannon ran out of shells. (It came back right at the end of the game. Guess it was taking five after working so hard.)

And Now... This

OTF Super Duper Stars of the Game

Tweets of the Game

We've got to hit the road to try and beat the snow. Stay tuned for the rest of the week while we break down our trip and throw some final coverage your way!