The Nashville Predators Are Due...For Parenthood

Although the Predators have been off the ice, it is pretty clear there is something in the water. 

When the 2019-20 NHL season was paused on March 12 of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans wondered when play would resume, the logistics of the post season, and how the players would pass the time between the pause and the restart. How some of the players spent their quarantine has become—as my father once pointed out when I was expecting my first—terribly obvious. Nashville is bracing for a Predators baby boom. When should fans expect the new arrivals?

Baby Girl Duchene

Matt Duchene and his wife Ashley kicked off the baby boom on Monday, November 9 with the birth of their new daughter, Jaymes Olivia.

Nashville was instantly smitten with Duchene’s son Beau, and now fans get to “ahhhhhhh” over Jaymes. I imagine the proud daddy will sing his little girl to sleep with this James Taylor classic, but don’t blink, Matt. In no time at all, Jaymes will be sitting next to you in a tree stand talking about her high school life.

Baby Boy Rinne

Ladies and gentlemen, the GOAT is having a KID and it is happening this month!

Although Pekka Rinne has kept it quiet on social media, he did share the exciting news in a Finnish interview that he and partner Erika Parkko are expecting a baby boy this month. Hearts melted when Rinne introduced Smashville to his pup Pabla, so prepare for a tsunami of emotion when fans hear about the arrival of a little baby Peks. What do you get for the offspring of the Goal of the Year Winner who has it all? Clearly this onesie with the matching shirt for proud big brother, Juuse Saros.

Baby Ekholm Björnstad

As if little William Ekholm Björnstad wasn’t gift enough to Nashville, Mattias and his wife Ida are blessing Predators fans with another Swedish baby to adore.

This addition to the Preds family will be arriving in February, and it appears we may all have to wait until then to know if it will be another boy or a little girl. As a descendant of strong Swedish stock, might I suggest some Swedish names from my family tree? I’m thinking Ludvic for a boy and Lucia for a girl.

Baby Boy Josi

February will bring another bundle of joy as Roman Josi and his wife Ellie Ottaway are due with their first child—a boy—on Valentine’s Day 2021.

The captain and his model wife have a lot of nurturing experience with Kingsley and Bella, their two dogs who will make excellent big siblings. Struggling to find the perfect gift for Baby Josi? Might I suggest a lovely silver baby cup to match that shiny Norris Trophy?

Baby Boy Järnkrok

March will bring the arrival of a sweet baby boy to Calle Järnkrok and his partner Sanna Bjork. The couple are already parents to daughter Juni, who was born in April 2018. Calle just celebrated Swedish Father’s Day this past Sunday with his growing family.

Baby Arvidsson

Rounding out the baby boom (that we know of so far) is Viktor Arvidsson and his wife Moa.

The Arvidssons are expecting their first bundle of joy in April of 2021. As one of Smashville’s favorite players, Viktor will have an arena full of “aunts” and “uncles” ready to spoil little baby Arvy. What to get for this special bundle of joy? I think I’ve found the perfect present.

Despite an unsure schedule for the 2020-21 NHL season, Predators fans still have plenty to look forward to in the upcoming months. Bring on those baby Preds!