Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Numero Uno

In which a few of our heroes select new jersey numbers, Mike Hoffman’s agent talks free agency, and Todd Bertuzzi apologizes for being a dillhole to the media.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Preds Players Select New Numbers for 2021 Season | Nashville Predators
Here are the notables:

  • Matt Benning - 5
  • Luke Kunin - 11
  • Yakov Trenin - 13
  • Nick Cousins - 21
  • Philip Tomasino(!!!) - 26
  • Mark Borowiecki - 90/

Other Hockey News & Notes

Mike Hoffman still No. 1 among TSN’s top remaining free agents | TSN
I’m more than a little perplexed at how Hoffman, Granlund, and Duclair are still unsigned. Hoffman’s agent has even said he’d be willing to take a one-year deal. Are NHL GMs really low-balling these guys that much, or are they simply asking for way too much money?

Agent: 5-6 serious contenders for unrestricted free agent Mike Hoffman | TSN
All that being said, Hoffman’s agent claims there are 5-6 ‘serious contenders’ for the 30-year-old winger, and the Preds are most certainly in the mix.

How will Joe Thornton fit on the 2020-21 Toronto Maple Leafs? | Sportsnet
Where does Joe Thornton fit in the Maple Leafs’ lineup, and was his signing a good use of that bottom-six roster spot?

Who knows, but I know we’re going to hear way too much about it over the next few months.

Todd Bertuzzi apologizes to media: ‘Sorry if I was a douche’ |
“I was too hard, I told you guys, ‘Sorry if I was a douche, man,’” Todd Bertuzzi said. “It’s true, I wasn’t very co-operative at times because I wasn’t ready for that stuff. I didn’t want to speak every day. I was paid to go play hockey and entertain fans not to have stuff written in the paper. I could care less what was written in the paper, the stories that you guys needed. I just wanted to go play hockey and entertain fans, that’s all I wanted to do.”

Huh... genuine contrition. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman — Can’t compete with top NHL teams now | ESPN
Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman acknowledges that his roster is not good enough to compete with top teams yet, but he says he has a plan to fix that. I’m not sure that I believe him.

Inside EA Sports’ decision to revive NHL ‘94 | ESPN
Why did EA Sports decided to revive NHL ‘94?

The answer is money. Pure nostalgia-fueled money.

How the NHL Bubble Changed Players, Physically and Mentally | The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
What did players do to get their bodies ready for the bubble? What happened to their bodies and minds in the bubble? How do they recover coming out of the bubble? The people who trained them tell the story.

Seattle Kraken hire former NHLer Gary Roberts as sports science and performance consultant | TSN
I can’t see the words “Sports Science” without thinking of that god-awful television show ESPN used to subject us to in the afternoons.

Good for Roberts, though, as he lands a job that sounds like a strength/condition coach crossed with an equipment manager? I don’t know, this is all very vague. Can you tell it was a slow news day?

Thursday’s Tunes

Well, that’s it for today, I’ll leave you with this absolutely stunning tidbit of news that Adam Vingan revealed yesterday. You’re sure to be shocked!

We now go live to Kevin McCarthy: