Thursday’s Dump & Chase: On the Road to Edmonton

In which the Preds gear up for camp, Gritty gets a makeover, and the reason why we could see some (more) chaos in the NHL draft

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Another sign the Preds are closer to an on-ice return...

Rivalry Week: Can a Rivalry Ever Be Fun? | On The Forecheck
Kate perfectly sums up what makes a rivalry...well...a rivalry.  I think back to whenever I walk into Bridgestone Arena the night of a game. There’s just always a little extra oomph in the building when a team like Chicago, St. Louis, Anaheim, or Dallas is in town. The wins feel more ecstatic, the losses sting worse, and the tension from the opening faceoff to the final horn is heightened.

Rivalries are the lifeblood of sports.  Ohio State-Michigan, Duke-UNC, Yankees-Red Sox... you HAVE to tune in and watch.

Former Preds Goaltender Mason Looks Back on NHL Free Agency Experiences |
Things like Free Agent Frenzy and the Trade Deadline are like Christmas morning to me.  But it’s easy to forget that the players involved are real people.  You sometimes don’t realize the strain roster shakeups puts on families.  Still, I’m glad Mace got to finish his NHL career here in Smashville, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re happy to have him still with the team.

Preds Continuing Commitment to MTSU General’s Fund to Assist Veterans |
This is a fantastic cause.  If you have the means and desire to donate, there’s more information in the link.

Other NHL Happenin’s

First, the Devils make a stand with an update to the ice at their training center.

Plenty of work still to be done before NHL can restart in Toronto, Edmonton | Sportsnet
If the reports are true, it appears the Predators will be headed up to Edmonton if play resumes.  I say “if” because — as the article points out — there are still a lot of things to work out before play resumes.

Olympic participation part of NHL/NHLPA CBA negotiations | Sportsnet

The 10 Biggest UFA Signings In The Past 10 Years | The Hockey News
In case you’re wondering, Eric Nystrom did NOT make the list.

Rested Phil Kessel thinks he can get back on track as Coyotes await NHL return | NBC Sports
Phil Kessel, American Hero, has low-key been one of the more clutch playoff performers over the past decade, so this mayyyyy not be the best news for Nashville.

Los Angeles Kings at 2020 NHL Draft: Byfield or Stutzle with second pick? | NBC Sports
It’s basically a done deal Alexis Lafreniere will be the #1 pick in the draft.  But the Kings pick is where things might get hella fun.  The Kings have maybe the best forward prospect pool in the league, but are thin on defense.  So IF there was a team who wanted to snag Byfield or Stutzle bad enough, I wouldn’t blame Rob Blake for taking some calls.

The three best rivalries in the NWHL | The Ice Garden
Also known as a “Long History of Madison Packer Destroying People and Everyone They Love.”

SB Nation Reacts: The Commish Question | Winging It In Motown
I think it’s safe to say no one saw these results coming a few years back.

Everything about Gritty getting a makeover on ‘Queer Eye’ is good | SBNation
Come for the bedazzled locker... stay for the discussion on Gritty’s butt.