Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Self Denial

I know we're in the midst of a food tournament, but jeez, Cookout is awesome. Most days I'm drinking green tea, eating granola and almonds, putting spinach on everything, and making sure my Preds water bottle is filled 3 times a day. However... it's not for pure reasons. I do all of that

Nashville Predators News & Notes

James Neal, Cody Hodgson are questions for Nashville Predators - NHL.com's 30 in 30 package: 2015-16

If you're a seasoned OTF reader, you'll know that we weren't fans of putting James Neal beside Mike Fisher. It's not that we like Fisher less, it's that he's not a puck distributor. Neal's numbers weren't as great, and neither were the top line's during that time. Put Neal with Filip Forsberg and Ribeiro, and good things will happen.

Kevin Fiala, Jimmy Vesey of Nashville Predators among top five prospects - NHL.com's 30 in 30 package: 2015-16

Fiala, Vesey, and Iakov Yakov Trenin have us all kinds of excited for the future, especially after development camp.

Other Hockey Stuff

Willes: If only the Canucks could land a David Price | The Province

This is a few days old, but I'm disappointed I missed this level of hot takery.

Water expert astonished by proposed location of CalgaryNEXT along Bow River | Calgary Herald

Yes, it flooded there not that long ago.

Jets will enter camp with roster questions - Article - TSN

You would be worried about the end of days if they didn't enter camp with roster questions.

Five fun facts we learned about Sidney Crosby - Sportsnet.ca


DA’s office, Hamburg cops meet with Kane as rape investigation progresses | The Buffalo News

This meeting allegedly happened at his lawyer's office.

Alternate History: A look at Islanders third jerseys before they introduce another one you'll hate - Lighthouse Hockey

In order to know where you're going, you have to look at where you've been... and cringe.

Will the New York Islanders win their first playoff series since 1993 | ProHockeyTalk

Probably. I would bet on them.

KHL has awesome glowing Lite-Brite skaters (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

The Oregon Ducks have a KHL team?

Sharks sign Frazer McLaren - Fear The Fin

August... man.

Not Hockey

MMBM: The only fall guy an NFL player needs - SBNation.com

Cris Carter meant well, but jeez... that's going to be hard to live down.

Titans finally concede Nissan Stadium sellout streak is over | Nashville Post

Did the radio stations spend 2 hours a show going over this fact? No?

Burger Republic announces Mt. Juliet location | Nashville Post

This is excellent news for your Wilson County folks. Enjoy that maple bourbon milkshake.

Chattanooga's Milk and Honey Headed for Gulch Crossing Development - Eater Nashville

And this is great news for everyone. Milk & Honey is one of my favorite places in Chattanooga. I'm glad to see them finally make it to the city where dreams come true, as opposed to East Tennessee (where dreams get pawned when the powerball gets over $300 million).

Sorry folks. Had a moment there. Enjoy some Steely Dan.