Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Back to Normal-ish

With the Stadium Series festivities over, it’s time to re-focus on the stretch run.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

NHL Trade Deadline Primer: Filip Forsberg trade would not be easy | NBC Sports
This goes a little in depth on what a return for Forsberg might look like for the Preds.

Tanner Jeannot = Good Saskatchewan Boy | Daily Faceoff
Tanner Jeannot was a guest on this week's episode of DFO Rundown with Frank Seravalli and Jason Gregor. He talked about his Stadium Series experience, his rise to the Preds roster, and preparing for fatherhood.

Other Hockey Happenings

The NHL pulled its dealings with Russia. Let’s talk about that. | Davy Jones Locker Room
I would advise reading this piece from our friends at DJLR before making any sort of public comment on current events.

Hockey hits Russia in collective soul with ban from international events | Sportsnet.ca
A well-written, well-thought piece that includes a lot of context on Russia's attachment to its national hockey team, and the potential impact this international ban could have on the scope of current events.

Chicago Blackhawks news, updates: Kyle Davidson reportedly to be named GM on Tuesday | Second City Hockey
Somewhat of an anti-climatic hire after so much buzz, but you could have said the same thing about Kyle Dubas in Toronto or Don Waddell in Carolina, so we'll see how this goes.

Andrew Hammond is the latest feel-good story in Montreal after a start that had so few of them | Eyes On The Prize
"The Hamburglar" was one of the best feel-good stories when he rose to prominence the first time around. It's good to see Hammond get another chance.

NHL COVID fill-ins reach lifelong goals in trying circumstances | ESPN
Karl Taylor is one of the guys included in this piece. While these past two seasons have been a logistical nightmare for NHL teams, one plus has been seeing people get a chance in the league who probably wouldn't have in normal circumstances.

Wicked Angles: PHF, teams need to turn their eyes toward an overlooked market in women’s hockey | The Ice Garden
An interesting breakdown on how the PHF can help make women's hockey a bit more "mainstream."

5 of the best jumbotron moments lately | Bardown
There's nothing like an A+ jumbotron segment.