Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Bye, Bye, Bye

The boys have scattered to their happy places, and the rest of us have a chance to check out some of what’s happening in the rest of the league.

Smashville News:

Is Ryan Johansen's role on the Nashville Predators changing? | A to Z Sports
Alex with some analysis of Ryan Johansen’s usage under John Hynes. Since the Stanley Cup run, I have wondered why Peter Laviolette moved away from using JOFA as the shutdown line. While the Nick Bonino line was also good at this, they didn't seem to be able to generate offense out of defense as well.

Nashville Predators Prospects Report: December | On the Forecheck
I don't know what we would do without the folks who do our prospects coverage. This piece is an excellent update on our longer term pipeline.

A Concise Guide to Nashville Predators Fandom | On the Forecheck
Ann with a tongue-in-cheek look at Nashville Predators fandom.

Come on. Boop his nose!

Central Division News:

Patrick Kane's 1,000 points for the Chicago Blackhawks | Chicago Tribune
A celebration of Patrick Kane. Spending my awe on how fast he got to 1,000 points, I didn't even consider that it's all been with one team. Some very interesting and impressive information in this article.

Egyptian Cotton Soft Stars Fall 7-0 to Wild | Defending Big D
"In a game that highlighted every single one of the Stars’ weaknesses, no one came off looking all that great." Admittedly, after traveling to Dallas to watch the Winter Classic, I don't mind hearing about this humiliation. Really, though, the title was too good not to share.

Like the Wild, Fiala trying to find his potential | StarTribune.com
"Kevin Fiala is the most skilled player on the Wild and one of its top producers over the past two-plus months. He also happens to be prone to turnovers and untimely penalties, the consequences of offensive risks." Our little man is growing up. Actually this is one of the most balanced and thorough (non-analytic) pieces that has been written about Kevin Fiala.

Other Hockey News:

NHL players vote Tom Wilson the second dirtiest player in the league: ‘He does some stupid sh*t’ | RMNB
Guess who was first? Surprisingly NOT Corey Perry.

A look at the biggest events for NHL All-Star Weekend in St. Louis | St. Louis Blues | stltoday.com
A very comprehensive listing of all the events at the All Star game in St. Louis. On Twitter yesterday, the NHL mentioned including the team dogs in some way—let's hope that comes to pass! (Though it’s probably a joke.)

Why is the NHL so different defensively this season? | TSN.ca
Okay. Musa, DJ and others. Have a read and see if you can help him with his unanswered questions. I feel this article is very timely based on the recent “discussions” in the comments sections.

Would the NHL standings change with a different points system? | ESPN
"It's a seemingly endless debate: Should the league alter its standings strategy? We ran the numbers, and one side will be pleased." It certainly makes no difference for this season's Nashville Predators—at least at this time.

NHL Power Rankings: Handing out midseason superlatives | theScore.com
Oof. Not only are the Preds ranked 23rd, but their superlative is "Most Disappointing". Please come back and prove them wrong, boys.

Williams leads Hurricanes in Storm Surge with salute in first game back | NHL.com
"Justin Williams sealed his first game-winner back with a salute." I am so glad he is back. Since none of my Raleigh based family got me a "Bunch of Jerks" t-shirt for Christmas, I would gladly accept one of these gorgeous jerseys instead.