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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Challenges

As penalties go, “did the puck go over the glass without deflecting” is one with a bright-line answer, since you already know if the puck went over the glass (it’s not on the ice anymore) and whether or not it hit something is–presumably–a matter of verifiable fact. Most of the time. Probably.

I would very tentatively support video review of other penalties with a hard–and brief–time limit, but definitely not as part of a coach’s challenge.

Fleury has been a big part of the Wild’s recent push (as has John Hynes).

I cannot believe the Caps are clawing their way back into this.

A short-term Pred retires with the team I still most strongly associate him with.

A definite silver lining to the Canadiens’ rough season must be that St. Louis–hopefully–isn’t going to be pressured to return before he’s ready.

Actually, the President’s Trophy winners do sometimes win the cup–about as often as you’d expect–but being prepared to fight for every win can’t hurt either.

Hate to see headshots, love to see suspensions for ’em.

Maybe they’ll get there someday.

Probably not the news the Rangers wanted.

Getting out of Buffalo was probably a great first step toward that goal.

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