Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Fooled Me Once

It’s tough mining articles on April Fool’s Day. I’ve included one that had me going for a minute, but if another has slipped through, my apologies.

Smashville News:

Viktor Arvidsson on the verge of history with the Nashville Predators | A to Z Sports
This man/red panda is a treasure. How happy does it make you that he has turned into such a talented player? How happy does it make you that we have him for years at $4.5M?

Granlund Settling Into New Team, City as Playoffs Approach | NHL.com
I am still hoping for a gelling moment a la the Columbus Blue Jackets, but time is running out.

The Week That Was: Week 25 | On the Forecheck
As an out of town fan who mostly can only come to Saturday games, it’s been a tough year. Looks like we’re still hanging out at average.

This week Doug and Dozer are stopping by to let us see how appreciative they are that Ryan Johansen built them this new snooze park.

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Working on our tan ☀️

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Central Division News:

Stuck in the Central with You: the Nashville Predators’ Possibilities for Playoff Matchups | On the Forecheck
Kate looks at the possible outcomes in the Central Division. I’ve been thinking for the past few days that it has been “You take first.”, “No you take first.” for the crown.

Blackhawks must make changes this offseason to avoid a 3-peat of missing the playoffs | Chicago Tribune
But how? Cam Ward could be $3M of space, but you still need another goalie. Others add up to ~$4M of space. A fistful of RFAs and lots of folks on ELCs don’t help. The one contract I think they could move has an NTC. It will be interesting to see if they can actually do anything to be better next year.

Alex DeBrincat a bright spot in Blackhawks’ dreary season | Chicago Sun-Times
“The Hawks’ season is skidding toward another early ending, but at least they have DeBrincat.” For one more year on his ELC. If they spend big money this summer, how are they going to pay Alex DeBrincat what he will be worth?

Young Core 2.0 provides Wild hope for future. Will Bruce Boudreau get to see it blossom? Twin Cities
I think the first question is “Will they blossom?”.

WIEBE’S WAND: Possible solutions to Jets problems with four games to sort it out | Winnipeg Sun
It seems like every Central Division team is starring in one of these articles about the four things they need to do to get back in form for the playoffs.

Other Hockey News:

Lightning’s Victor Hedman ‘doubtful’ for rest of regular season | Sportsnet.ca
Maybe they need to rethink that “keep the pedal to the medal” plan.

Goaltender Cam Talbot is suing the Philadelphia Flyers | Broad Street Hockey
This one had me hooked for a little bit. Good on ya Broad Street Hockey—you win April Fool’s for me.

NHL debuts can present some fun - and funny - challenges. Here are a few | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I got a chuckle at some of these. Plus—hey—a Matt Cullen sighting.

Cullen’s quick wrister | NHL.com
Cully! (For some reason he looks a lot like a cross between Mike Fisher and Hal Gill in the opening freeze frame.)

NHL Awards Watch | The final push as ballots arrive
There are no Nashville Predators in any of these conversations. I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked.

Super Slow Mo: Week 25 | NHL.com
Deep breath now...here we go. Say what you like, I enjoy a good slo-mo hit. Waiting...waiting... Goalie save! Still waiting. Goalie save x2. x3! Tackle hug celly. Come on—where is the P.K. Subban and Viktor Arvidsson goal? Or some of Pekka Rinne’s amazing saves? Goalie save x4...x5...x6! Huge goalie week! Storm Surge March Madness! No Nashville Predators highlights at all...that’s just wrong.

Goalies, defensemen must work in tandem to overcome screening opponents | NHL.com
I’ve been enjoying these “Unmasked” articles. This one looks at how goalies and defense work out the screening issues in front of the net.

USA Hockey’s Disabled Hockey Festival keeps growing stronger | NHL.com
I’m so glad that this effort is expanding. I would really like to watch a blind goalie to understand how they do it. It seems impossible to me, even with the puck making a noise.