Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Hunker Down

We’ll be keeping our own selves company for at least two months.

Smashville News:

These Are Unprecedented Times, But Preds Hockey Still Unites Us All | NHL.com
I thought so, but the recent comment threads or lack thereof give me pause.

Weekly Edge: Nashville Predators fans should prepare for the inevitable | A to Z Sports
Alex checks in with the thought we all seem to be having. He also includes Nick Bonino's excellent tweet of this weekend.

Nashville Predators forward Nick Bonino delivers harsh message to citizens still frequenting public areas | Detroit Sports Nation
"Is Bonino right here, or should he mind his own business?" Not only is Nick Bonino correct—as a Nashville resident, it is his own business.

Guess The Country Lyric Pt. 2 | NHL.com
More fun with the boys. This should be easy for Matt Duchene—shouldn't it?

I have such a crush on this animal!

Central Division News:

Jets owner announces compensation plan for part-time employees | Sportsnet.ca
In case you were wondering the status of the Canadian teams' part time staffs.

The Blues need to step up for their Enterprise Center employees | St. Louis Game Time
Don't be "those guys" St. Louis Blues—please?

Is this how Mikko Koivu’s career ends? | Hockey Wilderness
I hope that—if he wishes—the Minnesota Wild allow Mikko Koivu to take one more shot with them next year.

Other Hockey News:

NHL Players can return home, should self-quarantine through March 27 | NHL.com
The largest Twitter reaction was: welp, eight weeks—that's the end of this season. My reaction was: welp, allowing players to go home to foreign countries—that's the end of the season.

Cancelling the ECHL campaign has significant financial impact on players – and the lost opportunity hurts, too | TheHockeyNews
The various hockey leagues are like a microcosm of society at large. Not everyone will get paid—and some (likely those with the least ability to have saved) will struggle to close the gap until they can work again. Many, many people cannot work from home.

"The apocalypse workout kit": How can NHL players stay ready? - TSN.ca
It's amazing none of these guys mention in-line skating. Mattias Ekholm and his family were skating through their neighborhood (pushing William in a stroller) just this morning.

Want to learn the most embarrassing hockey moment for your favorite Milwaukee Admiral? Click here.

Self-Isolation News:

Although it was more out of love of reading and preparing for retirement, we will benefit from my obsession with books and DVDs. Here are a few random recommendations from me. If you like, I can get a little more eclectic/obscure next week.

Books (Series):                                                                                                                                                                      Gone With the Wind, Harry Potter (S), I’m Talking As Fast As I Can, Xanth Novels (S-Very Punny!), Ready Player One, The Wheel of Time (S), The Stand, In Death (S-JD Robb),           Swan Song, Masters of Rome (S), The Immortal Life of Henrietta Locks, Outlander (S)                                                                       DVDs (Series)                                                                                                                                                            Cars, Harry Potter (S), Midway (2019), Lord of the Rings (S), Wreck It Ralph, Country Music (S-PBS), The Truman Show, Star Trek (any and all)

Coronavirus quarantine: 100 things to do while trapped inside | USA Today
"Experts recommend that even healthy people should stay inside as the coronavirus outbreak spreads. We have 100 ways to avoid going stir crazy indoors." My husband will be driving me crazy before the week is out. Maybe I can use some of these with him.