Tuesday's Dump & Chase: "It doesn't get you anywhere"

That's the first answer Peter Laviolette gave on the tarmac when asked about the 2-0 series lead. He's right. He's probably grinning inside at our media folks rejoicing at a 2-0 series lead. But the good news is that Lavy and the guys will have the last change tonight, and will have the

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Coach on Returning to Nashville | PredsTV
Laviolette might as well be Harrison Ford in this clip. Straight up boss.

Predators vs. Ducks, Game 3: 3 things to watch | Tennessean
Add these three things in with weathering a storm from the Ducks, and I'd say their chances are good.

Colin Wilson back in playoff comfort zone for Predators | Tennessean
They should sign that guy Playoff Colin Wilson. Not sure about the other guy, Regular Season Colin Wilson.

Ron and Don: Everybody is sick of scrums - Sportsnet.ca
Don Cherry always means well, but the film breakdown was pretty cool. Ol' Don also talked about the Preds/Ducks series, and the scrums. You will agree.

Ducks News & Notes

Will Ducks' anger help or hurt them in effort to overcome two-game hole vs. Predators? - The Orange County Register
Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Ducks head for Nashville in a foul mood - LA Times
Bad pun. 2/5.

Bob Murray's role in creating Ducks' goaltending nightmare | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Could this be remembered as a rare misstep for Bob Murray?

Other NHL News

New York Rangers' Ryan McDonagh practices but remains doubtful for Game 3 | ESPN
"Ryan McDonagh of the New York Rangers practiced Monday for the first time since being hurt two weeks ago, but he remains doubtful for Game 3."

Reaction: Flyers fans throw bracelets on ice, take 'embarrassing' penalty - Sportsnet.ca
Not a swell night on Broad Street.

Stars vs. Wild 2016 results: Minnesota pushes back in Game 3 with 5-3 win - SBNation.com
Surprising, to say the least.

Why you shouldn't care about outhitting teams in the NHL Playoffs - CBSSports.com
We've been saying this.

Will the Pens healthy scratch Maatta? – ProHockeyTalk
Um? Really? Though I'm not sure Pittsburgh knows how to handle a healthy roster of defensemen.

John Scott almost slept through All-Star Game | theScore.com
Still the best moment of the season.

Love lost but not forgotten: Minnesota and the North Stars - StarTribune.com
"Aw geez."

News Release: Luke Richardson to depart as Binghamton head coach to pursue a new opportunity - Ottawa Senators - News
That's a very good developmental coach on the market.

Not Hockey

Mavericks players tweet out crying Jordan memes and jokes after beating Thunder in Game 2 - SBNation.com
Imagine if hockey players did this to each other. It would not end well, because of "codes" and such. Same with baseball.

Nikola Tesla's Amazing Predictions for the 21st Century | Jalopnik
"The City of Vancouver will never experience a Stanley Cup parade without the benefits of cable television."