Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Something Nice Happened!

Mattias Ekholm and his fiancee Ida got married this weekend in Sweden.

Smashville News:

What If the Nashville Predators Win The 2020 Draft Lottery? | On the Forecheck
Better us than some others, but I'd rather give Pekka Rinne a Stanley Cup.

Roundtable: Who Is the Nashville Predators’ Biggest Rival? | On the Forecheck
As I contributed, I will leave this without comment. Enjoy.

Some good news for these two excellently-suited folks and their son. (No word yet about Calle Järnkrok and his fiancée.)

This week we’re checking in on Doug the Dawg. Seems he is doing just fine!

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When mom wakes me up from my nap for anything other than food

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Central Division News:

What if Blackhawks get No. 1 pick and select Alexis Lafrenière? | NBC Sports Chicago
"Even with an impressive training camp, it may be safe to assume Chicago head coach Jeremy Colliton would ease Lafrenière in on the team's third line, the way he did with Dach for a majority of this season." That's a waste. We could give up Mikael Granlund's cap hit and slot him in on the first or second line.

Dallas Stars fire staffer Alex Kleuser after racist social media post | ESPN
"The Stars have fired Alex Kleuser, a visual effects designer for the team, after they were alerted to a racist comment he made on social media." The most interesting part of this to me is who reported him? It's NextDoor, not Twitter! Which of his neighbors knew he worked for the Dallas Stars and had a grudge?

Looking back at pre-season Central Division standings predictions | St. Louis Game Time
"How did hockey pundits do when it comes to the Central Division?" How did your predictions hold up?

Other Hockey News:

NHL statement on Phase 2 testing | NHL.com
So, six percent this week plus the 11 who were outside of NHL protocols before. This is while most folks from out of country are still coming back. We await with interest the results during training camp. It will be imperative, while accounting for a two-week incubation, not to bring the infection into the bubble.

The NHL's coronavirus pause - Latest on return plans, draft lottery, CBA negotiations and playoff rosters | ESPN
This week's update.

Four myths (and one truth) about the 2020 NHL draft lottery | TheHockeyNews
Interesting. Was the fact that as a group one of the placeholder teams had the best odds of picking first part of the "don't reward tankers" thought process of the NHL?

NHL Power Rankings: Best landing spots for Alexis Lafreniere | NBC Sports
Fifteenth? I think the Preds could make room in our cap picture if they knew they were getting him.

Nick Foligno: Blue Jackets want Stanley Cup, not No. 1 pick | TSN.ca
"If we're coming back, we're coming back to win." So say we all.

It Was an Excellent Weekend for Whining in the NHL | DeadSpin
"For a group of people who have considered themselves the toughest, most down-to-Earth, fight-through-everything bunch for decades, NHL players and fans sure do bitch a lot. We got an excellent example of that this past weekend." Worth the post just for this quote, lol!