Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Summer Sauna

The humidity has reached the mid-60s<strong> <em>inside</em></strong> the house. Outside it is going to rain. Happy steamy Birthday to me...(and no, that isn’t me in the photo...though it looks <strong>very much</strong> like a friend of mine).

Smashville News:

Predators Development Camp Set for June 25-29 | NHL.com
Hope all of you in Nashville take the opportunity to see one more bit of Nashville Predators hockey before summer cuts us off. Somebody come back with a full report to those of us not so fortunate.

Heads Up! Roman Josi | NHL.com
"Things spiral out of control as Roman Josi and Terry Crisp have a less than memorable round of Heads Up!" It might have helped to choose a category less difficult than famous people. I don't think Crispy understood all of the rules, lol.

Heads Up! Roman Josi (Take 2!) | NHL.com
"Roman Josi takes over as the clue giver in Heads Up! from Terry Crisp and things don't get much better." That's an understatement, lol.

Throwback Tuesday. As there are no new photos of the dogs - here is one of my favorites from earlier this year.

Missed my boys!! and ofcourse @madisoncbell

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Central Division News:

Brandon Saad, 5 other Blackhawks set to play in Chicago summer hockey league | Chicago Sun-Times
This sounds nice for the Chicago area. HOWEVER, couldn't someone have invited Ryan Hartman to go with them on vacation or at least explain to him that one does not cavort with Blackhawks during the off season.

Winnipeg Jets Off-Season Report: A salary cap crunch is coming | Sportsnet.ca
"The Winnipeg Jets now have a wide-open Stanley Cup window, but even though their GM made some signings and trades this season, now it's more about managing the hefty internal contracts that are on the way." Show them all the money! Thank you again David Poile.

St. Louis Blues Must Be In Ryan O'Reilly Sweepstakes | Bleedin' Blue
"Everyone wants in on John Tavares. So, the St. Louis Blues need to have other options and Ryan O'Reilly fits that bill to perfection." I don't see where the Blues have the pieces over Carolina. I think they need to get a number one goalie who can keep his head together all season.

Other Hockey News:

A Flip Show For The Ages  The one we all were waiting for!

Korn's 'children' thrilled to see him raise Stanley Cup with Capitals | NHL.com
Love for Mitch Korn including some from current and former Predators goalies. Happy to see him raise the cup!

NHL Trade Rumors: Latest Reports on Ryan O'Reilly, Max Pacioretty and More | Bleacher Report
Okay, but the real question is: If the Habs trade Max Pacioretty, does that make Carey Price or Jonathan Drouin or someone else the scapegoat for next year?

Top 12 viral moments of Stanley Cup Playoffs | NHL.com
Some good ones in here. Follow the link in number three to see one excellent piece of candy that needs to be auctioned off for charity. No, no, no on number 10, though it is pure Las Vegas. Lol, number 11.

Canadiens fire their Ontario scout ahead of NHL Draft | Canoe
This is a timely move Montreal, let's see how it works for you. Also, I love the make-up tweet.

NHL referee trading whistle for golf clubs, will play in U.S. Open | NHl.com
This is too cool for school. If he is this good playing mostly just in the summer, how good would he be if he played full time? Also, what is it about hockey players/referees and golf?