Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: The “Should We Re-Sign Filip Forsberg” Edition

The future of Nashville’s mustachio’d muchacho is debated.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Vingan: Why the Predators should not re-sign Filip Forsberg | The Athletic
Vingan’s words on Forsberg.

Context is important, though. Compared to other similarly skilled forwards who have come up through the Predators’ system, Forsberg has few peers.

Among top-line wingers in the NHL, however, Forsberg is not elite. He might not even be great anymore.

There is nothing wrong with just being good, but overpaying such players can lead to trouble. The Predators are well aware of that.


It has been suggested that Gabriel Landeskog’s eight-year, $56 million contract could be used as a blueprint for Forsberg’s next deal. The Colorado Avalanche captain took less than market value but received a full no-movement clause through the first four years, as a compromise. (He has a modified no-trade clause in the back half of the contract.)

The sentiment is pretty similar to what we brought up before the start of the season. Vingan’s points are fairly valid, and there are a lot of moving pieces to this situation that could directly impact Forsberg’s future in Nashville. The only caveat here is what other teams think of Forsberg’s injury history and his past reputation for going cold for stretches at a time. If the latter is a thing again this season, it’s possible the market for Forsberg may not be AS robust as he and his agent would like, which, at that point, may keep a Nashville return on the table.

Predators go cold, Subban gets booed, and Ekholm starts "helmet-gate" | Locked On Predators
Monday's episode of Locked on Predators featured one of the more raw, sincere moments Ann and I have had while hosting. Ann shared an interaction she had with a group of fans who were among those booing P.K. Subban when he played in Nashville this past week. It's worth a listen if you haven't listened already. Hopefully, her words will bring the point home that what you say in the stands as a fan doesn't just impact whoever your on-ice target is: it could hit home with someone else in the crowd.

Other Hockey Happenings

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