Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: W.T.Forsberg?

Stubbornness and arrogance may cost the Predators their best forward in franchise history.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

For those looking for updates on Filip Forsberg’s contract, the tidbit in this week’s DFO Rundown Podcast with Frank Seravalli and Jason Gregor is a doozy, and not in a good way.

For those unable to listen to the clip, here’s a portion:

Gregor: “I’m not sure what [Forsberg] is asking for, Frank... but if you’re the Nashville Predators, man, I don’t see how you wouldn’t sign him. Like... he’s your best forward. To me, it’s not close. Is he a $9 million player? Yeah probably...”

Seravalli: “They didn’t ask for [$9 million], I can tell you that. They were asking for, what I’m told, well south of what Roman Josi makes.... I think they’re somewhere in the low 8’s.”

Gregor: “Well I don’t understand why that would even be a hesitation in Nashville. That seems odd. Something’s.... that’s the one that doesn’t make sense to me... If that’s what you’re signing for, if that’s the going rate, you’re not going to bring in anyone on a better contract that’s going to bring you what Filip Forsberg does.”

If there’s any level of truth to any of that, I only have one question.

How in the absolute flaming flying f*** has David Poile not locked this up yet?

You have Filip Forsberg — a 42-goal scorer, one of the top scorers in the NHL, hands-down the best homegrown forward your team has EVER produced, a top five player in your team’s history who’s still IN HIS PRIME — willing to come back for a sizable discount. And you’re dragging your feet on a contract because... what... a few fewer years on the deal? Disagreement over a no-trade clause?

Poile made it clear last week he’s not signing Forsberg for “anything less than eight years,” adding that he wants to see a “buy in” from Forsberg.

I don’t know about you, but taking a million dollars a year less than your market value to play for a team you want to play for seems like a pretty decent “buy in” to me.

Obviously, there are two sides to every story, and we may not get to see the full scope of how negotiations are going. But the fact is that the pressure to get a deal done is completely on Poile at this point. Filip Forsberg should be a cornerstone of the Predators’ next handful of seasons, and the Predators need to do whatever it takes to get him back in the fold. I get it, hockey’s a business, and Poile’s job is do what he thinks is the best business decision for the team in both the short and long term.

But make no mistake, re-signing Filip Forsberg is what’s best for the Nashville Predators’ business. Failure to do so at this point could have catastrophic consequences. And if the Preds end next season like they did this season, I don’t foresee Poile having a lot of leeway to fix the situation.

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