Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Wait. What?

The Predators have relieved Coaches Laviolette and McCarthy of their duties with, as of yet, no announcement of an interim replacement.

Be prepared, all—Monday was a slow news day. Aaannnnddd, as I type that, the news day has just exploded!

Smashville News:

Predators fire Peter Laviolette after 5-plus seasons | ESPN
No new facts ahead of today's press conference. Greg Wyshynski does mention that there will be speculation that Peter Laviolette will land in Seattle due to his past relationship with Ron Francis.

There is an article regarding these actions from On The Forecheck to the right on the home page. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

Lord Banner of Smashville sends you this photo of the goodest, best-dressed, floppy-eared pupper to start your year off on the right foot....er, paw.

Central Division News:

Blackhawks, Philip Holm mutually agree to contract termination | NBC Sports Chicago
Twenty-eight year old Philip Holm cleared waivers and is expected to sign in Switzerland's National League. It's interesting that the Blackhawks didn't give their top scoring AHL D-man a shot at the NHL.

Minnesota ready to go Wild with its chance to host Winter Classic | ESPN
To the whiners go the spoils, I guess. They are going to "winterize" a baseball stadium to hold the approximately 40,000 people. Having been to a WC in a baseball stadium as well as the Cotton Bowl, I can share that there are some things to be said for the smaller crowds. Not sure I'd trust the weather enough to book this one in advance though.

NHL's MVP Frontrunner Nathan MacKinnon Jokes, 'No One Knows Who I Am!' | TMZ
They're not wrong.

Other Hockey News:

NHL Power Rankings: Maple Leafs, Lightning take top spots | NBC Sports
Great. Nashville Predators are outside the top 16 once again. I must have fallen asleep or been busy with holiday preparation and execution, because where in the world did Vancouver come from to be at number six?

Wysh List - Keep the NHL Winter Classic weird | ESPN
Nice recap of why the game experience was enjoyable while the crowd management was not.

NHL given deadline on 2022 Olympic hockey participation | Yahoo Sports
Hmm..I don't think René Fasel knows Gary Bettman as well as he thinks he does. Get some money or branding on the table, Mr. Fasel, or it ain’t happening.

Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews make case for Olympic participation | Sportsnet.ca
Honestly, I was hoping for more than "I would really like to go." or "I hope I get the chance." from Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews.

Hockey is Magic: Episode 12 | NHL.com
The first trick is okay, but I can’t believe the second one. Every time he does it, I don't know how the random number happens to make math work. Cam Atkinson and Auston Matthews are equally as confused.

John Tortorella's nonsensical fine reeks of NHL hypocrisy | New York Post
"I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hear what Tortorella will have to say on Dec. 30, 2020. One can only hope the Blue Jackets are at the Garden that day." Sometimes I love The Post. A couple of good points and lots of hot taeks!