Wednesday's Dump & Chase: The Final Countdown

The home stretch has arrived. With only a hand-full of home games left, it's time for the Preds to buckle down, find their defense, score some goals, steal some points, and get ready for the playoffs.

Hockey News

Nashville Preds players offer hockey tips to kids - The Tennessean
If tiny humans learning to play hockey doesn't make your day I don't know what will.

Winter storm in Northeast causes NHL, NIT postponements | FOX Sports
The weather outside I'm glad to see that measures are being taken to keep teams and fans safe.

Playoff-o-Meter: Sizing up the NHL's top (and underrated) Stanley Cup contenders -
There's always a sleeper team that comes out of no where.

What we learned last week in the NHL - LA Times
The Washington Capitals are in-fact human beings after-all. For a while there, it was questionable.

NHL -- Should protected player lists for each team be made public before the June expansion draft? -
I'm not really sure what edge there is to not making these lists public. Understandably you don't want the whole world to know how you rank your players, but for most teams, the protected lists write themselves. Besides what's a little drama before an expansion draft?

Analyzing a Stars Penalty Kill That is Officially the NHL’s Worst in 20 Years - Defending Big D
Remember at the beginning of the season when Dallas was a contender and we were all actually watching out for them? Yeah...what the hell happened? From heroes to zeroes in the course of a season. Ouch.

Playoff picture: Blue Jackets target top seed in east -
On the other end of the things we didn't see coming Respect.

Ranking the Best NHL Players Under 25 Years Old | Bleacher Report
Nashville getting some love on this list. I'd probably rank Forsberg a little higher but that's just me.

Young players learning how to live the NHL life - North Jersey
The life of an athlete is completely different when you're on the outside looking in. It's hard to realize just how much these guys give up at such a young age.