Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Dear John

William Shakespeare once wrote that "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." Unfortunately Quebec is none of those. Quebec's expansion bid places the NHL in a precarious position. While at a quick glance it may appear to be similar to the

Around the Wide(ish) World of Hockey

How low can the loonie go? 55 cents US, one expert says | CTV News

The Canadian currency is not only currently useless, but also has an amazing nickname.

Quebecor Inc.’s unused spectrum licences could fetch a lot of cash | Financial Post

An excellent point on why they have the cash for a team.

Quebec City's NHL bid no slam dunk just yet -

See above, plus a few extras.

Detroit Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk 'on schedule' as he rehabs following ankle surgery |

Things are apparently looking quite good.

Hockey Doc 'Red Army' Stirs Controversy in Russia - Hollywood Reporter

To be clear for all you laymen out there, 'doc' is studio speak for doc-u-men-tor-y.

theScore's NHL expansion concept: Introducing the Las Vegas Black Knights | theScore

Apparently what breaking news sites do when there isn't any news...

Новости : Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

Good read about a first game trophy worth winning.

Pat Kane tribute dropped from Knights camp | The London Free Press


San Jose Sharks are ditching "Rock and Roll, Part 2" as their goal song - Puck Drunk Love

Its about time, people.

NHL Stadium Series logos leak for Red Wings, Avalanche and Wild | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

And I am yet again, entirely underwhelmed.

Mark Giordano's new contract with Flames full value for team - NHL -

Flames are looking mighty good.

Super linemates? Phil Kessel expected to start season on Sidney Crosby's wing | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Can't wait for the poor guy to be moved every time something goes wrong.