Welcome the newest members of the On the Forecheck staff!

Our crew just got a whole lot bigger.

Earlier this summer we put a call out for new contributors to help us write the best and most engaging content on the Predators blogosphere. While majority of our applicants are lost in the woods somewhere, hoping to find civilization, the ones that survived through our rigorous application process are chomping at the bit to get started. And we're stoked to have them. Please welcome:

Staff Writers

Braden Thompson - Braden's favorite team probably isn't your favorite team, but his knowledge of analytics is going to give OTF an awesome spin. Look forward to some smart articles that may even make you not hate numbers.

Dan Bradley - Okay, fine. Dan isn't technically new, since he's been spreading the hate around since last month. But we never got to officially introduce him. There, we're done. You can go back to booing him in the comments section.

Game Previews/Recaps

Anish Patel - A die hard Preds fan and Nashville native in the middle of Blackhawks country. Poor guy. Anish isn't a stranger to sports blogging, but this is going to be his first time on a stage this big. No pressure, big guy, you'll do fine.

Alex Daugherty - Another die hard and a lifelong Nashville native. It's almost like having fans watch the game is going to be beneficial for us! Alex teaches English, so he has a huge example to set for his students. This also means most of you are going to have a blast scouring his posts for typos and mistakes. Hopefully you'll take a break from that to actually read his work, because it will be well worth it.

Dump & Chase

Nick Rockwell - There's something about the daily links that just draws Bay Area dudes to it. We get another does of smart onto that blog, as Nick studies both Biology and Journalism. We can't wait for an investigative dissertation on the science behind Shea Weber's emotionless existence.

Zeke Starr - Speaking of Weber, since he stays up until 2 a.m. researching the finer points of the captain's beard anyway, Zeke seemed like a natural fit to scour the web for the daily links. Looks like we've succeeded in keeping at least one Nashville native in each position.


Ian Safar - Ian is going to be joining us to help keep an extra eye on the comments and general tidiness of the blog. He'll also be jumping into the conversation with you all, as putting some words into print. Look forward to getting to know him on a daily basis, and having some awesome interaction with him!

The preseason coverage is going to start picking up speed before you know it. You'll get extra familiar with everyone in the coming weeks, so give them a pat on the back and a warm welcome in the comments. We look forward to sharing their work with all of you!