Western Conference Final Predictions

You know that series that Nashville was nearly a part of? Yeah. Let's preview that one. Embrace the pain.

WESTERN CONFERENCE FINAL: San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues
Author Prediction Number of Games MVP
Jason San Jose Sharks 7 Joe Pavelski
Bryant St. Louis Blues 7 Vladimir Tarasenko
Mark St. Louis Blues 7 David Backes
Sarge San Jose Sharks 6 Joe Pavelski
Marya San Jose Sharks 6 Joe Thornton
Alex St. Louis Blues 6 Brian Elliott
Kris San Jose Sharks 7 Joe Pavelski
George St. Louis Blues 7 Brian Elliott
Link San Jose Sharks 7 Logan Couture
Anish San Jose Sharks 6 Joe Pavelski
Dan San Jose Sharks 6 Joe Pavelski


Jason: The Sharks basically have to win so Blues fans will have no chance to pull "but how many Cups have you won" on us until the end of time.

Bryant: This is going to be a great series that could go either way. I think, though, that St. Louis has the slightly better team and they should come away with this one.

Mark: This series is going to be bizarre. Both the Sharks and Blues have looked fantastic one night and then shown some weakness in other games through the post season. I think a thing to look at is that the Blues are 5-2 on the road so far through the post season while the Sharks are 3-3. Neither are bad records of course, but I think the fact that the Blues have been able to be so successful away from home gives them an edge in this series even with the Sharks being 5-1 at home.

Sarge: Blues will choke in epic fashion as per usual. Based on how San Jose had played in our series, they are primed to make their first Cup appearance.

Marya: I want the Sharks to lose, which means St Louis is going to win the battle of who can choke harder. Their record in San Jose will be eerily reminiscent of the Preds, but no one will notice. San Jose will invent another dumb hashtag for the series.

Alex: St. Louis effectively dominates the series early, with SJ making some noise late. I don't see the Blues defense having much trouble with the Sharks forwards (they were able to manage guys like Kane, Toews, Benn, Spezza, etc.) and the Sharks goaltending is still their weakness. This is a nice matchup for the Blues.

George: Low-scoring affair as two excellent two-way possession teams vie for every inch of ice they get, but Brian Elliot outclasses and outplays Martin Jones in the end.

Link: Painfully, for both teams. The Blues' structured and grinding style of play will be an interesting contrast to Sharks' structured and dynamic style of play. I feel that given the features of the two teams, the Sharks use their special teams to full effect and manage to push the Blues to the breaking point.

Anish: Both the Sharks and Blues are playing out of their minds right now. I feel though that the Sharks have more depth with their scoring right now, and that will be the difference maker in this series. I think the Sharks steal one in St. Louis and then go one to win both games in San Jose to take a 3-1 lead. The Blues hold off elimination for one game but the Sharks end it back in San Jose in Game 6.

Dan: Don't care, hope they both lose. Go Bolts.