Why did getting Franson and Santorelli to the team take so long?

The answer... may not surprise you.

We've been fielding a ton of questions on why it took so long for Cody Franson and Mike Santorelli to get cleared to play. The trade happened on Sunday, and here we are on Thursday and they are just now meeting up with the team. Why did this process take so long?

Thankfully, Kevin Wilson has answers... and they're pretty obvious

"It has nothing to do with the process, and everything to do with the weather," he said via phone.

Getting the athletes cleared to play in the United States has to be completed all through snail mail, meaning the absolute fastest the paper work can travel is overnight through Fed/Ex. Since Nashville got covered with about an inch of ice earlier this week, that severely impeded getting the mail out.

Moreover, the processing offices were closed, and didn't open back up until this morning. Despite the players and team being ready to get going, nothing could happen until all that started going through today.

"Basically the players are not able to play until the paper work is done being processed," Wilson said. Now, they're cleared to play, but aren't in the lineup tonight because of a coach's decision.

So there you have it. On any other week, Franson and Santorelli would already be in the lineup. Due to the incliment weather, it threw a wrench into those plans.

Thanks, #snowbama.