Winnipeg Jets 5, Nashville Predators 0: Just Be Glad It’s Over

If this had been a boxing match, they would have called it in the second.

The Nashville Predators turned in a sub-par effort against the Winnipeg Jets. Here’s what happened.

The first period was fast and furious. Both teams had several incredible chances. However, the Predators were lucky to have Pekka Rinne on their side...and Pekka Rinne was lucky to have the post on his. The Jets can count themselves lucky that Ryan Johansen decided to try a centering pass to Viktor Arvidsson as Connor Hellebuyck was exiting the blue paint. After the first frame, the teams were still 0-0.

The second period seemed to start off on the right foot for the Predators as Calle Järnkrok scored off of a deflection from a point shot from Mattias Ekholm. Unfortunately, the stick was deemed too high and the goal was erased. What happened next can best be described as a severe beating.

The Winnipeg scoring party started when Kyle Connor found himself with a puck against a reeling P.K. Subban and easily found the back of the net to put the Jets up 1-0. The next goal came when Andrew Copp forced Rinne out of the net and away from his stick, then banked one off of Rinne’s knee to make it 2-0. Adding insult to injury was Kevin Hayes with a “Ryan Ellis against Matt Murray the other night” goal to make it 3-0. Mercifully, the second period ended without further incident.

The third period saw two more goals by Kyle Connor. Many hats were thrown on the ice.

Random Observations

  • Oh good, Connor “my least favorite goalie” Hellebuyck is starting tonight. I’ll leave the creative name substitutions to the good citizens of Preds twitter.
  • The Hossli Ukranian Chorus is legit. I don’t like their outfits, but they sound incredible.
  • “Welcome to the Jungle” is playing...wasn’t aware that Winnipeg’s climate supported such foliage, but what do I know?
  • So, it seems as though the Granlund-Turris-Smith line is a thing now. It’s like Christmas came early!
  • Incredible flurry of shots from the line of Rocco Grimaldi, Wayne Simmonds, and Calle Järnkrok.
  • Jets to the power play due to Subban’s trip.
  • Penalty: killed.
  • Great save by Yannick Weber!
  • The Predators might as well put a welcome mat on their blue line.
  • Mattias Ekholm with a great looking wraparound chance!
  • Pekka Rinne doing Pekka Rinne things.
  • Mikael Granlund has had some great chances so far.
  • Oh, wait, Johansen was trying to pass to Arvidsson and Arvidsson’s stick was in Hellebuyck’s five-hole.
  • In retrospect, Johansen is going for the points record and Arvidsson is going for the goals, it makes sense.
  • 2nd period, let’s go!
  • Good to see Patrik Laine has his dingy white turtleneck on again.
  • I guess 7 gentlemen plus the goaler isn’t too many men on the ice.
  • There appears to be some kind of appears to be under review. I’ll type out the details if it stands.
  • This review is as long as the first period.
  • “the puck was touched above the shooter”? No goal.
  • Kyle Connor scores. 1-0 Jets.
  • I love the IRS...Incredible Rinne Saves.
  • Preds have just 2 shots so far in the second period...12 minutes in.
  • Andrew Copp scores. 2-0 Jets. It was an ugly turn of events that led to it.
  • The Predators (aside from Rinne) look like they aren’t interested in winning the game any more.
  • Forsberg’s post shot would have been a huge momentum shift...but alas.
  • I, for one, welcome this break from the action. Everybody needs a chance to calm down.
  • “Raunchy” by Duane Eddy is playing during the break. Guitar and sax. Love it.
  • ARE YOU KIDDING ON THIS 3RD GOAL? BRING BACK THE ICE DRILL AND USE IT ON MY EYES! Kevin Hayes pulls a Ryan Ellis and gets it between the post and Rinne’s uniform. Lord, help us.
  • Spirits look broken. Does Pekka get mad in the locker room? If not, he should start during this intermission.
  • I just want the second period to end.
  • I hope they bring Saros out to start the third. Surely they’ll play a little bit harder.
  • Rinne back out for the third.
  • Lots o’ shots by the Jets.
  • When Willy Daunic and Chris Mason call out the rest of the team for hanging Pekka out to dry, you know it’s serious.
  • WHATTA SAVE BY RINNE! is code for “5 other guys didn’t stop it”.
  • And to think we started the day by arguing about clinch scenarios.
  • Oh, good, they’re going on the penalty kill again.
  • That was TOTAL embellishment. But who cares at this point?
  • I stopped watching and started designing doormats. I see I’ve missed nothing.
  • Kyle Connor scores. 4-0 Jets. This isn’t even fun any more.
  • Insult to injury as Kyle Connor scores a hat trick. 5-0 Jets. It appears as though no one in gold cares except Pekka Rinne.
  • I just feel bad for Pekka Rinne. /

Three Stars of the Game

  1. Pekka Rinne for not breaking his stick and stabbing someone.
  2. Connor Hellebuyck for the shutout (I hate typing this).
  3. Kyle Connor for making a mockery of our team.

Tweets of the Game

Highlights of the Game

There were no highlights of the game. I’m sorry.