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Friday’s Dump & Chase: Just a Little Patience

Hockey News & Notes

Philadelphia Flyers 2020-21 Player Review: Phil Myers remains a baby giraffe | Broad Street Hockey
Goodbye, leaf-eater; we hardly knew ya.

A look at new Predator Phil Myers’s previous season. It might hurt the eyes in places, but here’s to a fresh start in Smashville.

Ranking the 5 best fits from this year’s free-agent signings | theScore.com
The fact of the matter is that a lot of players—including some on this list—were overpaid this offseason. But today, we’re going to briefly remove our salary capologist lenses and analyze this year’s five best fits in free agency strictly from an on-ice perspective.

Just went jeans shopping. Trust me, fit is everything.

NHL teams keep undermining league’s inclusivity efforts through controversial player and coaching picks | The Seattle Times
It’s been a bad month for the NHL when it comes to individual teams undermining the league’s “Hockey is for Everyone’’ inclusivity efforts.

Geoff Baker takes an hard look at how the league is doing living up to its “Hockey is for Everyone” slogan.

NHL Trade Rumors: The Top 5 Players Who Did Not Get Traded & Why | PittsburghHockeyNow.com
The Pittsburgh Penguins have few NHL trade rumors but the last deal was July 29. The top five heavily rumored players who were not traded…

Sometimes doing nothing is as important as doing something. Sometimes doing nothing is doing nothing.

What are the Buffalo Sabres’ Options with Jack Eichel? | Die By The Blade
The dramatic saga has quieted, but still remains unsettled.

This is just a rough situation all the way around.

The do’s and don’ts of skating with NHL players in summer hockey | sportsnet.ca
The art of playing summer hockey with pro players isn’t as simple as doing your best and forgetting the rest — actually, you really shouldn’t do your best at all.

Fun read in case you find yourself on the ice with a Pred or two this summer. I’d like to play some hockey with Ekholm, Granlund, and Pitlick. You?

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