Friday’s Dump & Chase: Outdoor Hockey II, Electric Boogaloo

In which the Preds are “willing” to host outdoor games this year, and should the NHL turn New Years into their version of “NBA Christmas Day”?

Predators-ish News & Notes

Montgomery Bell Academy 9, Father Ryan High 1: Big Red Victory | On the Forecheck
Shaun was lucky enough to attend this high school game, presented by the Predators. It was an awesome event for the kids and fans alike. Take a look at high school hockey, Smashville style.

Also of note, Pierre LeBrun with The Athletic is reporting that “multiple” NHL teams are weighing the possibility of playing a handful of outdoor games this season (assuming there is a season, of course).  The juicy part of that piece is that, according to LeBrun, the Predators are one of those teams:

The Predators responded to the league that they would be willing to host an outdoor game if it made sense for the NHL and in fact would be willing to have multiple games and teams play out of it whether that’s in a traditional stadium or a unique setting.

From a business standpoint, it makes sense for the Predators.  State and Metro governments have already allowed fans in the stadiums for Titans and Nashville SC games this season, one of only a handful of markets to do so.  One would have to assume they’d do the same for any outdoor Predators games, assuming the NHL allows it.

The more interesting question is “where?”  Nissan Stadium is the obvious choice with First Horizon Park being another option.  But I’m intrigued by the “unique setting” line.  Is Centennial Park an option?  Ascend?  That little field behind Loveless Cafe?  Bryan Bastin’s backyard?  The possibilities here are endless.  Anyway, jump into the comments and let us know what fun location you’d like to see the Preds play an outdoor game.

An Overdue Offensive Explosion Leads Men's Hockey Past No. 7 Michigan, 9-5 | GoPSUSports
For Preds fans, this game was notable for Chase McLane -- Nashville's 2020 7th round pick -- scoring his first career collegiate goal.  Hopefully his first of many.

Other Hockey Happenings

NHL 'taking our time' planning for start of 2020-21 season |
Look, I love hockey. I love watching it on TB, I love cheering in the stands, and I love covering it in person. Let's be real, this virus is on a rampage and I'm just not convinced this can be pulled off safely. I also don't love what this is doing to the CBA and the position this is putting the players (the ones that will be taking the biggest health risk) in when it comes to compensation. I'm not getting too excited for for January start and I'm not optimistic about a season, either.

Hughes, Lafreniere won't play at 2021 World Junior Championship |
Jack Hughes and Alexis Lafreniere will not play in the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship. It seems their respective NHL teams would prefer they focus on being ready for the NHL.

Fresh Prints of TRIA Rink | The Ice Garden
“[G]oalies are always considered...some of the weirder players on the team, so I feel like I have to fulfill that stereotype by putting fish and weird things on my goalie pads.”

Blues interested in hiring Bouwmeester after playing career, GM says |
Jay Bouwmeester's cardiac incident was terrifying and while he hasn't ruled out playing again someday, he certainly won't be stepping away from the game.

Why isn’t NHL claiming New Years Day the same way the NBA has with Christmas Day? | TSN
I'm conflicted on this.  On one hand, I'd love a "marquee" day for the NHL; a day packed with "game of the year" contenders in unique settings, custom uniforms, the whole shebang.  But New Years Day just seems too busy.  You have college bowl games, you occasionally have NFL games, and you're still recovering from a wild night before.

This Vancouver Sweater Is Nearly 100 Years Old | The Hockey News

Soundtrack of the Day

I’ve been on a late 80’s/early 90’s rap kick over the past few weeks.  So let’s celebrate with a little ATCQ action.