Help Rebuild the Official OtF Glossary!

It's been quite a while since the last one was relevant. Let's huddle up and get this sucker up-to-date!

Back in 2012 (I believe) I thought it would be a neat idea to create an article that was a combination of general knowledge about the Nashville Predators and the On the Forecheck community and culture. It became The Official On the Forecheck Glossary. It was pretty widely enjoyed and was a great source of information for new and visiting fans alike.

Unfortunately we (and by we I mean me) were a little lazy/kept putting it off and didn't get around to updating the glossary last year. That means this is your chance to contribute various definitions, information, ideas, and anything else that is relevant to either the Nashville Predators or On the Forecheck.

Here are your instructions:

If you have a specific suggestion, idea, amendment, challenge, or whatever else, please organize the subject line of your first-tier comment like so: "Category: Event" (General Terminology: The Great Fire Sale of 2007). Elaborate upon your thought in the body text box. If you're responding to someone's first-tier comment, organize it however you want. I'm mostly concerned about the first-tier ones. (Normally I couldn't care less about how you organize your comments, but if everyone could play along for the sake of this article and my subsequent sanity in trying to semi-quickly compile all of this stuff later, that would be awesome.)

Rec the ones that you feel positively about. Comments that turn blue (or seem clearly agreed upon) will be "candidates" for the glossary (which means that they will in all likelihood be added). If you disagree, start an argument with that person and tell them why you think their idea is terrible.

The Categories

General Terminology and Events

Defined as: Something that is relevant to the Nashville Predators in the sense that it is a milestone or notable moment or event in the team's history (i.e., The Great Fire Sale), or a term relevant to understanding the culture of the team (i.e. PredWings Fans).

We are not trying to compile an unabridged history of the Preds here (fun as that might be). We are simply trying to compile a list of events and terms that are frequently referred to or brought up in conversations on OtF. If you think a newbie would have to ask, "What the heck is that? I've seen that around here a few times..." then it's probably a solid candidate.

I think I'm going to make a different glossary every year, so let's keep these terms/events relevant to the current season and current events. So for example, "Alexander Radulov" is fine because as a player he is a part of the Preds' history, but "#RadsWatch" is more relevant to the 2012 season than 2014. Make sense? Great. We can also continue to update this throughout the season.

Currently on the Menu:

  • Alexander Radulov (a very brief summary of the whole shebang)
  • The Bridge
  • Catfish
  • Gold Out
  • The Great Fire Sale of 2007
  • KleinFlu
  • Perdators / Perds
  • PredWing Fans
  • Ryan Suter's Departure
  • Section 303

Game-Relevant OtF Terminology

Defined as: Terminology that you are most likely going to see during a GDT and that relates specifically to in-game activities.

Currently on the Menu:

  • David Legwand Hat Trick
  • Hands Go Up!
  • Fang Fingers
  • Frist
  • GDT
  • Kilt
  • Pew Pew!
  • S-word (saying shutout at your own risk)
  • Schmozzle Alert
  • Shutout
  • Too Much Man
  • Webeard

Classic Quotes

Defined as: Hilarious quotes that resonate with most of us. We're looking for stuff that's going to stick for years to come, so we have to be relatively selective here.

I don't have the links hooked up right now, but don't worry - I do have them!

Currently on the Menu:

  • "Blitzer... Jupiter... Rudolph... Saturn...": Colin Wilson on naming all eight reindeer
  • "I DID NOT TOUCH THE POTATO!": Alex Radulov to Darcy Hordichuk while doing community service at Hardee's
  • "I'm a human rocket ship! I score goals on the moon!" - Ryan Ellis's rookie video thing
  • "Ping-Pong in the Ding-Dong!": Ron MacLean's description of Gabby Bourque nailing Ryan Ellis in the crotch with a soccer ball
  • "Shit's gonna happen.": Patric Hornqvist during an interview
  • "So I will try.": Little Tits on shooting the puck
  • "Welcome to flight school!": Pete Weber on Ryan Ellis flipping Wayne Simmons/

The On the Forechecke Drinking Game

I don't have to tell you guys know these work. This is definitely an add-as-we-go category, so it'll get bigger as the season progresses.

Previous seasons have included:

  • Drink every time Sergei Kostitsyn takes a shot
  • Lots of drinks when Weber scores on a slapper from the point
  • Finish your drink when Terry or Crispy say "SCHMOZZLE ALERT!"/

Predators People (Past Players, Current Staff, and Other Notable Individuals)

Defined as: People that get referenced every now and then on here. We could really expand this area (within reason).

  • Fake Anders
  • GMDP
  • Gnash
  • HCPL
  • Jere Karalahti
  • Lurch/Toby
  • Paul McCann
  • Pete Weber
  • Ryan Suter
  • Stu Grimson
  • Terry Crisp
  • Willy Daunic/

Possible New Category: Meet Your OtF Users!

Defined as: People you see around OtF pretty often.

This one is up to you guys. I've seen a couple variations of this before on other SBN blogs' glossaries, so I thought I would toss the idea out there. If people want to do it, then great; if not, then that's fine by me.

If we want to do this and you want to be included, please post maybe 2-3 reasonably-lengthed sentences about yourself and/or your relationship with OtF and the Preds. If you live somewhere exotic and exciting and still watch the Preds, tell us! If you have a burning interest in or knowledge of a certain area (our prospects, the Admirals, college hockey, goalies, etc.), tell us! If you like to contribute to the discussion in a certain way (Devil's advocate, optimist, un/trusting of management, etc.), tell us!

Basically, if a newbie is glancing through these to briefly get to know their fellow users, what would you like them to know about you in 3 sentences or less?

Alright, is everyone ready to get this started? On your marks, get set, go!