Monday’s Dump & Chase: New Week

At some point things are going to turn around.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators Reassign Salomaki to Milwaukee |
He hasn't been completely terrible this year, but, in exciting news, the Preds seem to be setting the bar for forwards to clear a little higher than "not completely terrible" now.

Not Nashville Predators News & Notes

How Barry Trotz went from 50/50 sales to winning the Stanley Cup |
An origin story.

Ekman-Larsson, Coyotes benefitting from addition of assistant Housley |
It's good to see Housley back in a position to succeed, doing something we know he knows how to do. Unfortunately, he's doing it with the Coyotes instead.

Color of Hockey: Teens from Congo dreaming of NHL |
A great piece about two kids who grew up utterly unused to winter weather of any kind falling in love with a sport played on frozen ice.

(This one’s in this section because it features an appearance by P.K. Subban, planning to get the New Jersey Devils involved if he can. [“My Heart Will Go On” playing in the background])

Other News & Notes

Fleury makes 34 saves, Golden Knights blank Flames to end skid |
The Flames have gone over two full games without a goal, but tell me again how trading for Milan Lucic was going to fix your offense.

Highlights from the first month of the NWHL season | The Ice Garden
Some highlights for your Monday,

Florida Panthers name Roberto Luongo Special Advisor to General Manager | Litter Box Cats
Fantastic for Luongo. Here's hoping the sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor that makes him such a great Twitter follow is also useful for a NHL advisor--I could see it being helpful.

How Hayley Wickenheiser worked her way to the Hall of Fame | Sportsnet
This is a long read, but it's a fantastic look at how much Wickenheiser meant and still means to the game, as seen through the eyes of her past teammates and her past opponents.

Fayetteville of SPHL plays football in Storm Surge-like celebration |
1) Fantastic to see more teams embracing fun.
2) This was on a Hurricanes theme night which got called "Bunch of Jerks night". I love it.

How each NWHL team looks a month in | The Ice Garden
It's still so disorienting to me how much the Whale have struggled since the inaugural season, where they were alarmingly good through the regular season and were then upset by the Beauts, who've been pretty consistently impressive since then. I'm not completely ruling out the possibility that magic was involved.

Avalanche furious over referee decision to not stop play after Calvert injury | ProHockeyTalk
I know I linked something about this yesterday, too, but it hasn't gotten less stupid since then, and Sunday is not a high-traffic day. You need to stop play in this kind of situation. Call a dive if you're wrong about injury; it's better to risk stopping play too soon than too late to prevent a second injury to an already-injured player.

After Don Cherry, where do we go from here? | Silver Seven
A good look at some of the many and various reasons that Sportsnet should take this opportunity to replace Cherry with someone who brings a genuinely different perspective, both on and off the ice. Silver Seven's managing editor nkb isn't even the first person I've seen talk about how the style of play Cherry so enthusiastically endorsed led him to endanger other people and throw hits he's still haunted by, and it disturbs me more with every such story I hear.

Also, "Diversity cannot simply be a buzzword, hockey has to be for everyone." sums a lot of things up. I've said before that "hockey is for everyone" is aspirational but not descriptive. All we can do is keep working towards that goal.