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Monday’s Dump & Chase: No Fooling

(We maybe should have said this while it was still March, but OTF will be continuing its long-standing policy of no prank content on this April Fool’s Day. Wishing you all a day filled with only pleasant surprises!)

The Canucks have joined the qualifying teams.

John Hynes risked pulling the goalie in OT again, and this time it didn’t work out. Ryan Hartman, apparently, didn’t appreciate that.

This is an interesting goaltending situation for the Flyers, and I’d imagine they’re pleased to get another option on board.

“But for myself, just being in the sport as long as I have and seeing the amount of players that have come through, especially players of color, there haven’t been many players of color on one team… to actually have five to six, that’s something special.”

Quick’s longevity has been incredible.

Matthews is a really impressive goal-scorer.

Always cool to see a NHL team help get involved in growing the game.

Hot take here, but I think the Canadiens could also benefit from trying to be like the Hurricanes in wanting their fans to have “fun” and “enjoy” watching the sport.

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