Predators in the Wild: Banner Edition

October is here...and now our watch begins.


After all the highs...

After all the heartache...

After the longest summer in recent history*...

October is here.

*Actual historical proof needed

The Recap

If you managed to make it through the end of your summer in complete hockey silence you missed...


...Not much to be honest.

The last time we checked in, we said our goodbyes, we welcomed our new guys, we signed some contracts, and two months later...

Things were pretty quiet on the Nashville hockey front.

Well, there was that one thing...

The Captain

The boys are back together. Thanks for having us @titans

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The Nashville Predators selected Roman Josi as their new Captain.

When Fisher confirmed his retirement we knew the captaincy would come down to Roman Josi or Ryan Ellis. Either would have been the right fit, following the likes of Fisher and Shea Weber.

It’s respect is just...

Ultimately the “C” would go to Josi, with Ellis being made assistant Captain. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better leadership group.


The team rallied for the Tennessee Titans...

#TitanUp #12thMan #Preds

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The rookies broke stuff...

Day 1 of #Preds Rookie Camp...broken glass 😳

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There were good times with the Kings of Leon...

Good times last night with the boys ☝🏿#Smashville

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...the band was there too...

@kingsofleon ... Good luck tonight boys #Nashvillesfinest 👌🏿

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Kevin Fiala got a chocolate bar the size of Viktor Arvidsson...

Swiss chocolate is the best 🇨🇭🍫

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And a new family member was welcomed!

Missing my boys already! But it's time to go to work. Can't wait to hit the ice with the fellas tmrw 👍

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Pool day!💦☀️

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The end of summer was pretty quiet, but given the whirlwind the Predators went on during the playoffs, quiet may not have been a bad thing.

You know what they say:

It’s always calm before the storm...

It’s always darkest before the dawn...

It’s always boring before hockey season starts*...

You get the point.

*It is known

Welcome Back

It’s good to be back! #Preds #RaisetheBanner #westernconferencechamps #smashville

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There’s no place like home!

Reigning Western Conference Champions

Before the Nashville Predators could embark on their 20th franchise season, there was still some business to attend to.

Oh wait—yeah, sorry. We’ve collectively decided the Predators’ 2017-2018 season started on Tuesday night.


Former Captain Mike Fisher returned and joined new Captain Roman Josi in raising the Nashville Predators’ first banner in Bridgestone Arena.

A moment 20 years in the making forever immortalized in Predators history.

The post-credits scene of the 2016-17 season. A bittersweet moment that finally closed out what was one of the most emotional playoff runs in Preds history. It’s the closest thing we’ll get to closure, for now.

She’s a beaut!

But’s what’s done is done and the Preds can’t waste any time living in the past.

Which leads us to Tuesday night.

Well, that was exhausting. #Preds WIN! #PHIvsNSH

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It wasn’t a complete disaster...

Un-biased third-party movie voice narrator: but it was still kind of a disaster. least we don’t have to worry about that boredom thing anymore.

Buckle-up Smashville!