Saturday's Dump & Chase: Skills Competition Day!

As the only member of the staff here at All Star Weekend who isn't "sleeping in" after staying out last night, I drew links duty...responsibility sucks sometimes. Anyways, we've got a glorious 63 degree sunshine-y day ahead, so throw on some shorts and a jersey and come on down...y

Around the NHL

Shea Weber's shot one of NHL's greatest weapons-The Tennessean

Please, please, please win tonight, Shea. PLEASE.

NHL All-Stars Relate Fondness for Nashville - Nashville Predators

They like us, guys! They really like us!

For families, NHL Fan Fair is hockey heaven-The Tennessean

I've been 5 times and I don't even have a family. What's your excuse?

James Neal of Nashville Predators canceled vacation for All-Star Game spot |

He gives everything for you people. I hope you're grateful.

Ironic return to Nashville for Barry Trotz as All-Star coach |

He was in the media room chatting with people yesterday for 15 hours (approximate).

Bettman says fans spoke, so John Scott is ‘welcome’ at All-Star Game - The Globe and Mail

What else can we complain about to get Bettman to fix? Let's workshop this before the weekend ends.

Cult of John Scott: Unlikeliest All-Star KO'd cynicism, brought the fun | Puck Daddy

He's having tons o' fun, for sure. And if you're not rooting for him, there's the door.

John Scott: Burns, Pavelski said "we'll get you a couple" - Working the Corners

Feel free to light Dubnyk up, but leave Pekka alone.

Steven Stamkos, sticks and souvenirs — an NHL All-Star story | Tampa Bay Times

Everybody wants a signed Jagr stick. Me included.

NHL All-Star Weekend 2016: Brandon Saad credits time with Blackhawks for career success - Second City Hockey

Last night, I learned that not all Blackhawks fans are subhuman...we hung with the dude who wrote this article last night and seemed like basically a good dude. Even if his taste in sports teams is HORRIBLE.

The NHL suspends players who skip the All-Star Game and that’s perfectly fine -


Playing in an All-Star Game doesn’t make a guy an all-star | The Hockey News

Your Official Buzzkill Link of the Day.

'Buff' gives lukewarm response on Jets - TSN

Um, yeah.

There are barely any good NHL teams and it sucks | New York Post

Linked for the headline alone.

Tampa Bay Lightning's Steven Stamkos weighing all options before making free-agency decision-ESPN

He could sign an 8 year deal with Tampa today and he's still get asked about playing in Toronto.