Saturday's Dump & Chase: Diving Is Dumb

Sports in general have been taken over by the cancerous practice of diving. It ruins them and normalizes a form of cheating. The NHL is doing a good job of trying to stop this before it becomes a massive problem.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

P.K. Subban tells Bill Simmons what he'd do as NHL commissioner | Yahoo
PK would bring a lot of great ideas to the table but I think this is one of those jobs that isn't nearly as simple as it may seem.

Predators' skid complicating playoff path | The Tennessean
The Predators feel like a ship with a hole in the hull. Every time they bail themselves out more water comes in.

Preds Practice Ponderings: March 10 | Nashville Predators
My expectations aren't too high but I'm interested to see what Parenteau brings to the table.

Around the World of Hockey

Fantasy 30: The latest news on every team | ESPN
Get the low down on every team in the league.

Forecaster: Key players and teams for Marcch 13-19
The Predators are listed on here for good reason. Where is the team everyone expected at the beginning of the season?

Meet the stats professor who’s beating the house on NHL bets | New York Post
As unpredictable as hockey is this is very impressive.

NHL owners should stop thinking about themselves and let players go to the Olympics | Broad Street Hockey
I'm a big proponent of hockey in the Olympics. There's a history there and it puts the sport on a massive global stage.

Johnny Gaudreau fined for diving/embellishment | NHL
Diving is something that is ruining sports. It has its roots in soccer and has now spread into basketball and hockey. It's cheating and it should not be part of the game.

Jerk of the Week: Why the NHL lands in the penalty box this week | NY Daily News
There is a time to protect the NHL's star players. This was not one of those cases.

Pat Hickey: There’s little upside for the NHL to remain in Arizona | Montreal Gazette
The NHL needs to expand its market in order to create a bigger foothold in the US for hockey.

It's time to bring back the divisional format for the Stanley Cup playoffs | ESPN
I get what Pronman is saying about not having throw away matchups, but those matchups are good for the growth of the sport. Playoff hockey is what puts the sport on the map in most cities. It certainly did that for Nashville.

Colorado Avalanche on track to become one of the worst NHL teams of modern era | The Washington Post
For all of the talent they have this is inexcusable and pitiful.

‘I spent a week in the NHL: It was all drinking, fighting, sex’ | New York Post
If this is true, it's very surprising.

Rookie center Brayden Point has become central to the Tampa Bay Lightning's playoff hopes | ESPN
Heck of a draft pickup.