Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Recovery Day

So you lost Game 1. Big deal. Gather your wits, collect your thoughts, watch game film, realize that you outplayed the Penguins for much of the game, and go out and win Game 2.

Penguins recover to edge Predators in Game 1 of Cup Final | NHL.com
Heartbreaking to lose in the way they did, but the battle back after going down by three goals was very impressive. No give up in this team. Here's to a better result in Game 2.

Gaudreau's first career NHL goal | NHL.com
In the madness of that 3rd period, I'm just now catching up on this being Gaudreau's first goal. Holy mackerel is this team deep.

Commissioner Gary Bettman covers several NHL topics at annual address
He made some interesting comments about the offside challenge rule merely hours before the call in the first period.

Penguins fans gather outside to watch Game 1 of Stanley Cup Final
Oh cute, they tried to have a watch party (Nashville had three).

2018 NHL All-Star Game to be played at Tampa Bay
A good place to hold it. I haven't had a chance to make it down to Amelie Arena, but I'd like to.