Saturday's Dump and Chase: Clinched

First of all, welcome to the crew Mark Harris! I look forward to working with the man behind the GIFs. Now, let's get down to business. After the three game losing streak in games where the Predators could have clinched a playoff spot, they lucked into last night when the Washington Capitals and

For all of you who didn't see this, you're welcome:

Something tells me Fil will be getting a nice ribbing from his teammates after this one.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

3 reasons not to panic about Predators' recent skid | The Tennessean
For those like Marya and I who like to do so...

Rowney, Vatrano, Saros win monthly honors | The American Hockey League
Saros killed it this month and he's done a great job with the transition in general this season. 2015-2016 will be a great springboard for his future.

Are the Sharks or Predators more dangerous in the playoffs? | ESPN
The Predators are now structured to have meaningful success in the season and in the playoffs but this three game losing streak has been disheartening. Will they rebound and live up to their potential in the playoffs or will it be another shortened run? Roundtable: Which wild-card team will be the most dangerous? | The Hockey News
"Coming out of the vicious Central, [the Predators] don’t 'feel' like a wild-card team. They feel more like a legit contender." I like the sound of that.

Around the World of Hockey

Duncan Keith suspended six games for swinging stick at opponent's head |
I understand that this is the second longest suspension handed out in the CBA but Duncan Keith has been suspended for the same thing before. In my opinion, the NHL should have cracked down on him harder.

Here's what Duncan Keith ought to tell the NHL | Chicago Tribune
What? That he's known to be childish & vengeful with his hockey stick and that is no better exemplified than when he slashed Charlie Coyle's face.

New Jersey Devils win April Fools' Day with angelic rebranding | Yahoo Sports
Someone had way too much time on their hands...

Kadri, Yakupov, Hanzal fined for diving/embellishment | Sports Net
This is one of my biggest pet peeves. You can help your team win and not cheat at the same time. That's actually a possibility.

NHL scores 2016: The gaps are closing in the Metropolitan Division | SB Nation
The parity in the NHL nowadays is truly amazing. This league is ready to add two teams without question.

NHL goalies trying to get equipment rules changes right |
Like I've said before: the more scoring, the better.

NHL preseason games in Mexico City? | ESPN
The NHL is denying any conversations but it's definitely a cool idea.

NWHL Announces Restricted Free Agency Period and Draft Tax | Blueshirt Banter
The NWHL released details regarding restricted free agency policies and draft tax consequences in a press release today.