Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Tested, Failed

The NHL’s “pretend everything is fine” response to a pandemic is going about how you’d expect, especially in states where the same is true.

Thread (with sources at the end if you’d like to read more!):

Coronavirus News & Notes

NHL says 11 players have tested positive for COVID-19 since June 8 |
This article was published June 19th, so, you know, eleven days. This sounds not great!

Lightning reportedly to close facilities due to COVID-19 outbreak | Raw Charge
It is so baffling to me that five positive tests, in one location, of an extremely contagious and potentially-lethal virus aren't enough to make the NHL rethink this plan, especially since there are other cities that have also had players testing positive as they return to practice. The plan is not working.

Report: Maple Leafs Auston Matthews tests positive for COVID-19 | Pension Plan Puppets
This is...a cluster. (Do I mean a cluster of coronavirus cases or do I mean the other kind of cluster? Yes. Yes, I do.)

Feds approve NHL cohort quarantine plan for potential Canadian hub cities |
And now, Canada is, ah yes, allowing NHL players to all gather together in Canadian cities without quarantining individually, in order to allow a Canadian city to be a hub for a game where people put knives on their feet and chase a piece of rubber around on the ice for a while.

[stares directly into the camera like I'm on the Office]

Look, we might be “dying” for hockey news, but I don’t want anyone to literally die so we can get some hockey news.

Other News & Notes

Rangers' Lias Andersson won't return to team for training camp | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Is it just me, or have the Rangers been kind of a mess lately?

Making waves: Potential free agents for the Whitecaps | The Ice Garden
The Whitecaps need to sign some players for the upcoming season. I will say, if Minnesota has to have two good sports teams, I'd rather it be the Lynx and the Whitecaps.

Bernie Saunders, NHL’s fifth Black player, opens up on racial discrimination |
Saunders made the NHL and quit two years later because the racism he experienced in hockey ruined the experience for him. It is awful thinking about all the people who had their dreams ruined--whether they made it to the NHL or not.