Summer Nonsense: OTF Nashville Food Tournament (ROUND 2)

We started with 50. Now we're here.

ICYMI, Here were our parameters:

  • We imported the Eater 18 for Nashville. Eater is awesome.
  • We also added in our own choices, but have room for a few more.
  • We were picky about what types of places we're allowing in:
    -No chains, except those based in Nashville and have over 50% inside the Nashville Metro Area.
    -Places that serve local beer are given preferential treatment. (tie-breakers)
    -No non-native food to Nashville allowed. This means no Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, etc. The exceptions are that on the Eater 18, and Soulshine because they're not an Italian pizza joint at all. It's not Chicago's tomato soup in a bread bowl either.
  • We slotted the Eater 18 towards the top of the list to start. We trust Matt. In fact, we'll be asking Matt questions about these places as this goes on.
  • If you have suggestions for stuff we missed, put them in the comments. We'll consider adding them to the list.
  • It's all open to your interpretation. If you're voting for Martin's BBQ, it's a vote for them as a whole and not just their awesome Belmont location.
  • As member's vote up or down, the rankings will rise and fall. Check back frequently to make sure your choices survive this first round.
  • Rather than do some really long NCAA-style tournament, we're doing it like Formula 1 qualifying. /


That's right. Round 2. That implies that there will be more after this.

  • We're using Ranker again. This is the last round we're using Ranker.
  • To ease your worried mind, treat this like you're voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don't worry about the ranking, just vote up or down if you believe the establishment should move on to the next round.
  • Depending on the voting (positive vs. negative), at least half of the field will be eliminated after this round. We're looking at a Top 12, unless a large gap is created after #11 or a tie happens at #12. You get the idea.
  • Voting will run until Wednesday, 8/19/2015./

That is all. Good hunting.

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