Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Livin’ on a Prayer

The playoff race in the Central keeps tightening.

Dallas Stars Victorious in Overtime Against the Detroit Berniers | Defending Big D
Jonathan Bernier tried very, very hard to win the game singlehandedly for the Red Wings, but he couldn’t quite pull it off. Might need to work on his slapshot.

Canucks keep pressure on in playoff race as Holtby finds his game |
Look, I'm a big fan of Braden Holtby's--seems like a genuinely good human, was criminally undervalued on the Caps teams that crashed and burned in the playoffs from like 2013-2015 because nobody would score goals for him, excellent handsome/60 ratings--and I'm very glad to see him playing better again, but can we...can we talk about the first half of that headline, which is about the Vancouver Canucks participating in the playoff race? (Well, it's either them or the Ottawa Senators, anyway. Those were the two teams playing the game in question.)

Keith Yandle 'Ironman Streak' now at 915 games, second in NHL history | ProHockeyTalk
This article also gets in a neat little jab at the Toronto media on the subject of Phil Kessel (891-game active streak, hot dogs notwithstanding).

IIHF to begin finding new home for women’s world championship this week |
It'll happen at the end of this summer. Or maybe this winter, right before the Olympics. Or...

Players react to World Championship cancellation on social media | The Ice Garden
Earlier, the players weighed in on the cancellation. I hadn't realized just how much work Hockey Canada had put in to establishing the bubble.

Canadiens' roster management continues to burden team in key games |
Presenting...Marc Bergevin!

O'Reilly, Hoffman lead Blues to big win over Avalanche | ProHockeyTalk
I don't know what in the world is going on with the West Division right now. Three teams have clinched; everyone else mostly want nothing to do with the hot potato playoff spot (maybe they just don't want to play the Avs?).

Alex Ovechkin will miss tonight’s game against the New York Islanders | RMNB
A speed bump in Ovechkin's race to catch assorted scoring records, but hopefully only a small one.

Spezza leads Maple Leafs' efforts to pool money to help Marlies |
It is absolutely shameful that neither the NHL nor the NHLPA have done anything official for all AHLers. I don't even understand it from a pure business perspective--how do NHL front offices expect to get good player development from guys who may not be able to make their rent? The trauma from that kind of financial insecurity, the kind that goes down to questions of food and shelter, can last for years.