Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Southward Bound

The Preds’ road trip continues, but at least they’ve gotten out of the Pacific time zone.

Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep!

NHL adjusts testing protocol to address false positives for COVID-19 |
I do think the NHL should be giving teams more flexibility than they currently are. I guess the counter-argument is that teams might fake a COVID situation to get a specific AHL player up to the roster...or...something? but I feel like if teams absolutely cannot get the cap space they need to ice competitive teams, that's incentivizing them to consider concealing positive tests for asymptomatic players, which is presumably not something the NHL wants.

Struggling Chicago Blackhawks fire coach Jeremy Colliton; Derek King promoted, named interim | ESPN
I do have to wonder if the players were trying at least a little to get Colliton fired, given that their strategy when losing appears to have been "lie down on the ice".

Gaudreau, Tkachuk power Flames to win over Rangers on Markstrom's fourth shutout |
Jacob Markstrom, huh.

San Jose Sharks send rookie William Eklund back to Sweden | ESPN
I get wanting to delay having to negotiate a bridge deal, but I feel like, uh, having a hockey player might also be useful.

Canadiens, Golden Knights on divergent paths despite similar adversity |
I dunno, only one of these teams employs Marc Bergevin in a prime decision-making position.