Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Ten Percent Luck, Twenty Percent Skill

“Fifty percent pain” sounds about right for sports, really. Plenty of today’s links aren’t painful, though!

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Tolvanen, Pitlick Impress as Preds Open Prospect Showcase With Victory |
Players who needed to have a good showcase are having a good showcase, which is always a plus. Also, Adam Smith scored a goal, which I’m not sure any of us were expecting.

Other News & Notes

NHL replaces partner in player, puck tracking | ESPN
In a shocking turn of events, there has been a delay in the data tracking. (That’s sarcasm, in case it was too deadpan to tell.)

Oilers’ off-season roster shakeup leaves players with lots to prove |
Granted, they’ve changed the roster a fair bit, but I’m not sure “lots of players are on one-year deals” is magically going to fix quite as many things as the players think it will. Could the Oilers be better this year? Sure. Is it a guarantee? Nope.

Other NHL teams could learn from Hurricanes’ great offseason | ProHockeyTalk
I really, really don’t understand why nobody signed Jake Gardiner—or for that matter Ryan Dzingel—sooner. And I don’t understand why Marc Bergevin extended such a stupid offer sheet to Sebastian Ah—[adjusts earpiece] I’m being told that I could have stopped that sentence after “Marc Bergevin.”

It’s all well and good to credit the Hurricanes with patience and a little good luck (Aho), but there’s luck in them getting to accomplish something through their patience, too.

Q&A with NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan | The Ice Garden
Rylan talks about the NWHL’s new Twitch deal, sponsorship and revenues, and what the NWHL is doing to avoid what happened to the CWHL last spring. She pretty much gives a non-answer about the PWHPA, but that’s only to be expected, both under the circumstances and given how vocally against the NWHL’s past dealings a few of its stars (like Hilary Knight) are.

Crosby reflects as he closes in on 1,000 games: ‘It’s gone by really fast’ |
1) Shut up, there’s no way he and Alex Ovechkin were drafted fifteen seasons ago, that can’t be true. (Wait, it actually can’t—it’s fourteen, which is still nonsense, but Sportsnet got that one wrong.)
2) He talks about being sorry for the things he used to do on the ice his first couple of years in the league. Mm-hm.

Joe Thornton back with Sharks for another season | ProHockeyTalk
Remember the time the NHL left Joe Thornton off their recency-bias-loaded Top 100 list?

Coyne Schofield joins Sharks TV broadcast team |
Speaking of the Sharks and people being back, Kendall Coyne Schofield is returning to San Jose as well, this time above the ice instead of on it.

What is the NHL even trying to do with its campaign | For the Win
It’s 2019, and the NHL still hasn’t figured out that nobody actually wants to watch a bunch of robots get switched on in the dressing room, robot around the ice for two and a half hours or so, and then get put back into sleep mode until next game. (I mean, that’s a lie, it would be super cool if robotics technology had gotten to that point and I’d definitely watch that for the sheer science-fiction awesome factor. You know, once or twice.)