Sunday’s Dump & Chase: The Big Week

Friday is the day we’ve been waiting for - World Juniors! Also some other holiday, I think

Nashville Predators News

Edge of Glory: Grading the Nashville Predators’ 2011 Offseason | On the Forecheck
Our very own Nick Morgan breaks down the offseason for Nashville in 2011, and folks, it's not pretty.  At all.  When the best move they made was drafting Miika Salomäki, well...

Road to World Juniors: Yaroslav Askarov | Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)
As Nashville's first round draft pick this year, as well as the future of the franchise, Iaroslav Askarov started playing goaltender at six years old.  Since then, Askarov has rapidly risen up the ranks of the young goaltending elite.  Read on to see just how Askarov got where he is today.

Hockey Is For Everyone

The “A-Ha” Moment: Ksenia Selemon and the making of an NWHL jersey |The Ice Garden
A truly fascinating look at one woman whose newfound love of hockey just 5 years ago led to her designing four of the new jerseys that will be worn next season in the NWHL.

Rewind: Defense wasn’t enough for Canada in 2005 | The Ice Garden
The Ice Garden takes a look back fifteen years ago at the seemingly-unbeatable Team Canada at the World Championships that dominated the entire way - until they didn’t

Tactics and Analytics

Lessons from The Queen’s Gambit | The Hockey Tactics Newsletter
If anyone can take a Netflix show about chess and make meaningful connections to hockey tactics, it’s Jack Han, and this one is short and sweet - but incredibly insightful nonetheless.

Datsyuk’s Special Sauce | The Hockey Tactics Newsletter
Pavel Datsyuk is the “Magic Man”, and Jack Han breaks down exactly how and why he earned the moniker (hint: it’s because he was insanely good)

Andrew C. Thomas Asks What Can Data Do for You | Asking For Directions
Andrew “A.C.” Thomas went from majoring in physics at MIT, co-founding one of the first hockey analytics websites in War On Ice, to becoming the director of SportsMEDIA Technology Corp - the organization that collects the NHL’s puck and player tracking data.

Asmae Toumi’s Cure for What Ails Hockey Analytics | Asking For Directions
There are few people more influential and accessible than Hockey Graph’s editor-in-chief Asmae Toumii.  She’s one of my favorite people on all of hockey twitter, but her impact both in and out of hockey extends far beyond that.

On Analytics, Intangibles, and Why They Both Matter | 1st Ohio Battery
Arguably one of the single best writers in all of hockey (if not sports in general), Alison Lukan has penned a very good piece regarding the seemingly-opposed topics of analytics and “intangibles” in hockey - and why both matter when analyzing hockey.

Some Thoughts on intangibles in sports | Scraps
A follow-up piece to Alison Lukan’s story on “intangibles”, Alan breaks down the concept even further and how it affects the game, not just in hockey, but in all sports.

Around the NHL

Could Hoffman be a fit for the Blues with Steen done? - Video | TSN
The folks at TSN look at the possibility of Mike Hoffman signing with the Blues with Alex Steen's retirement.  Mike Hoffman has long been linked to Nashville in free agency rumors, and seeing him go to a division rival could be rough.  (Editor Bryan’s note to writer Bryan - St. Louis isn’t in the division this season, idiot)

NHL Free Agent Frenzy set for July 28 |
Aside from deciding to actually play this season, the talks between the league and the NHLPA have had to settle several other things.  One of those is when free agency is to begin, and it is no longer a mystery: July 28, 2021.

Infectious disease expert discusses challenges of NHL all-Canadian division |
President and medical director of the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre, Dr. Brian Conway, joins the Scott Rintoul radio show to talk about the challenges facing the much-talked about "All Canadian Division" in the NHL.  Good listening for those wondering about the Public Health impact of the move.

World Juniors COVID-19 test results | IIHF
Team Germany and Team Sweden had 10 positive tests between them, so the two teams will be quarantining a bit longer than the rest, with Sweden on December 21 and Germany on December 24.

IIHF cancels 6 exhibition for 2021 World Juniors Championship | Anaheim Calling
Due to the positive tests from Teams Germany and Sweden, the IIHF has cancelled six of the ten exhibition games planned for the upcoming week. The other eight teams will be playing just once each on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tweet of the Day

There’s something special about a semi-serious joke poll by the the fellas at Evolving Hockey when a legend like Roberto Luongo responds to it.

Song of the Day

I usually try to find some reason to connect the song I pick with the events of the day or something similar, but today?  Nah.  It’s time for Outkast.