Thurday’s Dump & Chase: Peel Out

In which our heroes attempt to stretch their winning streak to three, Austin Watson gets injured, and Tim Peel gets canned.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

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The Tim Peel Situation

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So this was the story that dominated the hockey news cycle yesterday, and rightfully so. I’ll preface my thoughts on this matter by saying that I don’t like Tim Peel, and I know everyone reading this doesn’t like Tim Peel either. Hell, I can’t imagine a living, breathing, hockey fan out there that would be willing to earnestly state, “Hey, you know who I like? Tim Peel.” I just can’t picture it.

That being said, I thought he might get a fine for this, and that would ultimately be it. I didn’t expect the league to go all fire and brimstone on him. This seems like a full-on “scorched earth” punishment by the NHL, and it makes you think that maybe we’ll see changes in officiating when it comes to make-up calls and “game management” by referees.

Well, at least on the surface it seems that way.

What’s important to remember is that Peel was going to retire next month anyways. So that automatically makes this whole thing seem more hollow. Couple that with the fact that there isn’t anything in the NHL’s statement that actually addresses the root cause of why what Peel did was wrong, and you feel like the NHL is just trying to cover their own ass and squash this controversy before it even starts.

And hey, I get it. Optics are everything nowadays, but it would’ve been nice for the NHL to delve a little deeper and explain exactly why they let Peel go. Put it out there, you know? Make the precedent known, and send a clear message to refs across the league that make-up calls and “game management” are not part of their job description.

Because right now, it seems like the message the NHL is sending to its refs is “don’t get caught.”

Other Hockey News & Notes

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