Thursday's Dump & Chase: Old People and Money

Yesterday the Anaheim Ducks decided that they really are close to that cup run. They did fall short to Chicago in a seventh game (#BOUDREAU), which would indicate they're on the cusp. But folks... that's a lot of money for a player that's depreciating fast. Old people and their money. It

Nashville Predators News

Hodgson: A Simple Analytic View | Nashville Predators
No mention of Liev Schreiber. Foul.

Wisconsin state senate reaches deal to help fund Milwaukee Bucks' new arena -
Pay attention to this story. While most of us like Milwaukee and all, this arena will either give the Ads a home or cause them to look elsewhere. Or not. I really don't know Wisconsin arena politics well.

Preds AHL Affiliate Unveils New Uniforms - Nashville Predators - News
The Admirals will be scaring the crap out of people this year.

Preds on the clock to create amazing All-Star Weekend |
Don't worry. While we all enjoyed Columbus (Jason, Jon and I... we were there), we're confident that the establishments around the arena will be open after the skills competition on Saturday night. Nothing like searching for a drink in the downtown of a major American city at 10pm on Saturday. We did that last season. Twice.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Kesler signs six-year extension with Ducks | TSN
The Ducks are attempting to become the Lakers of hockey. As in, they haven't won a title since the previous decade and they're willing to pay guys over 30 some silly money.

Hey, Ya Think the Capitals Should Ditch an RFA to Get Tyler Bozak? | RMNB
Sure, Trotz would love a third line center who can't defend.

Treading Lightly: Mark Giordano's new contract | Matchsticks and Gasoline
This is a fantastic article. Could one of you print this and nail this to the door of 501 like you're the Martin Luther of Nashville hockey?

Puck Daddy Power Rankings: Bruins math; arbitration hearings; coach's challenge | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Bruins math has been a blast all summer long.

Can the Boston Bruins return to the playoffs after summer overhaul? |
Speaking of, they still have Chara.

Rangers sign up everyone not named Derek Stepan | New York Post
Smart move by Stepan. Wait until that caproom starts to get thin, that way he can demand a big contract which forces Jeff Gorton's hand to reunite Derek Stepan with his cousin. Brilliant move, Derek.

A Ton Of Former Blues Are UFAs This Year | St. Louis Game Time
That's a hilarious list. I'm sure David Poile called over half of them and offered them the Smashville Slashville Special ($1.05m / 1 year).

Oilers sign Justin Schultz — one year, $3.9 million | ProHockeyTalk
Last line of the post:
"Only last summer, former GM Craig MacTavish opined that Schultz had "Norris Trophy potential."

Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs top list of NHL's most improved teams this offseason - - NHL Insider
I like Tampa a lot, but how did they make this list?

Are the Arizona Coyotes and Glendale close to a new lease agreement? | Five For Howling
At this point I'm really pulling for Phoenix to shove Glendale aside, and take the team back downtown.

Columbus Blue Jackets - The Blue Jackets are Gregory Campbell's kind of team - Columbus Blue Jackets - News
See? And you thought Columbus couldn't pay a free agent forward less than $2 million.

Patrick Marleau's Capri Sun Power-Ranking | Battle of California
Memories of youth soccer are abundant.

Want to really make HR Derby interesting? Add a cannon | CSN Bay Area
Been saying this for year. Hell, add some cannons to Vanderbilt Stadium. It fits the whole nautical theme anyways.

Zeitgeist: Destitute Greece expected to pursue purchase of Arizona Coyotes | Lighthouse Hockey
That's a smart move. Greece should go all in on this to make their currency so inflated they can pay Germany back with the change from their Ouzo run.

Kudzu-eating goats return to clean up Knoxville | WKRN News 2
Wait a second. Of all the goats in Knoxville, special goats have to be brought in?