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Thursday’s Dump & Chase: WCH Roster Changes

Bouwmeester named to Canada’s World Cup team, replacing the injured Duncan Keith – ProHockeyTalk
Someone please give me five reasons why you’d take Bouwmeester over Mark Giordano.

Jordan Subban: “We’re not the Sedins, we’re not twins.” | The Province
All the Subbans do great interviews.

Dawn Braid named Coyotes skating coach – NHL.com
Dawn Braid became the first female to get a full-time coaching role in the NHL when the Arizona Coyotes named her skating coach on Wednesday. It’s terrific seeing more qualified women entering the NHL coaching realm. Laura Stamm and her development camps taught me more about power skating than I could possibly imagine Seeing Braid get a shot is a great next step.

Acquiring Jiri Hudler has its costs, but good teams find ways to get good value; and that’s what Stars did | SportsDay
I guess if you don’t have goaltending or defense, keep focusing on your strengths? Hudler’s a solid addition for that value, but sooner or later they’ll need to address their needs to crack their Stanley Cup window open.

Tyler Seguin says Stars are in their Stanley Cup window | The Hockey News
To quote Popstar character Hunter the Hungry, “The timing of that was crazy!”

NHLPA head Donald Fehr on fighting, salary cap, lockouts – CBC Sports
Shots are being fired and we’re still a few years away from when a new CBA needs to be established. Grab your popcorn.

Blues to name Pietrangelo new captain – TSN
The logical choice. It makes me wonder when the Predators will make an announcement. Mike Fisher and Roman Josi seem to be the favorites among the fans, but perhaps management would like to wait until training camp begins and can better assess the team dynamic without Shea Weber in the locker room.

Simmonds – Racism Not Completely Gone In Today’s Game – Today’s Slapshot
I mean, who all remembers how Boston fans treated Joel Ward on Twitter after he eliminated them from the playoffs as a member of the Capitals?

Las Vegas Will Have AHL Affiliate By Christmas, Share ECHL Team – The Sin Bin
Man, I wanted to say “an update from the desert”, but I guess that could be confused with Phoenix. Er, Arizona. How long until they’re the Glendale Coyotes?

Whalers are still part of the fabric of Hartford life for some hockey fans – ESPN
For my money, the Whalers had two slick hockey sweaters.

Sportsnet unveils national, HNIC broadcast schedules – Sportsnet.ca
If you’re a fan from north of the border, two things: 1) the only time Sportsnet will be showing your Predators is April 8th against the Jets, and 2) there’s a Tim Horton’s right by my new apartment; is there something classic to order there?