Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Exit Stage West

When an NHL team moves, it's for a multitude of reasons that stem back to attendance and shifting ownership. When an NFL team moves, we're told it's for a new stadium and/or TV revenue for the league. So why, when the NFL owns the entire country, why is TV that big of a deal since people

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Nashville Predators News & Notes

30 Thoughts: Ducks a logical fit for Lightning's Drouin -
The Ducks are starved for offence and they have the pieces to make a move for Drouin, how the Predators landed Johansen, Ovechkin's goal-scoring dominance, and much more in this week's 30 Thoughts.

Statistically Speaking: Kopitar, Thornton dominate - Article - TSN
Some love for Mike Fisher, indirectly.

Stuff I'm not linking
I really don't care what a columnist from Chicago thinks. Nor should you. Nor should it have to be addressed. That's petty. At the end of the day, there aren't 3,000 shootings a year here... nor is the mayor lying about police brutality... nor is the team supported by a band of drunks who show up in arrest records wherever they go. I'm okay with what we have. I sleep well. And I don't have to worry about this team paying $10m a year to a scumbag who still attends frat parties, or this team erecting a statue of a man who beat up his spouse(s), or this team being supported by a bunch of Polish-Irish jerks wearing war bonnets. I'm good.

Other Hockey Stuff

Tyler Myers takes brutal, selfish penalty that costs Jets -
Further proof that Winnipeg and Buffalo are mutual poisons.

Tales From Abroad: Russia | The Players' Tribune
"We drive into this big complex, and there are hundreds of these brand-new apartments. Perfectly paved streets. Rows of street lamps. And there’s not a single living soul that I can see. No cars. No nothing. I’m like, "Wait a second, this is the actual Olympic village."

"Which is awesome, except for the fact that the Olympics are over."

One year since the trade, Devan Dubnyk in much better spot | ESPN
Eh, I think Arizona is just fine right now.

Islanders 5, Blue Jackets 2 | Losing streak hits four games | BlueJackets Xtra
The first comment is astounding.

Eric Staal of Carolina Hurricanes could be traded by NHL Trade Deadline | - News
I wonder if he'll turn right around and sign back with Carolina this summer.

NHL scores 2016: In spite of broken streak, Roberto Luongo deserves serious Vezina look -
Florida may have lost a heartbreaker to Vancouver, but without a doubt their goalie deserves a second look at one of the league's highest honors.

Fight video: Ugly hit leads to ugly scene between Blues, Devils – ProHockeyTalk
Department of Player Safety on line 1. Now.

Bolts win third straight, shut out Avalanche 4-0 | and The Tampa Tribune
"Don’t look now but the Lightning might finally - finally- be feeling it." They're probably happy they aren't numb from painkillers. They were ravaged by injuries during the first half. Now... watch out.

Not Hockey

Why crude oil prices keep falling and falling, in one simple chart - Vox
Since mid-2014, the world has been producing far more oil than anyone needs.

Never mind everything else, I want a BMW M2 | The Verge
*Offer not valid in the snow/ice.

Reports: Rams And Chargers Approved To Relocate To LA, Share Stadium In Inglewood
It's Deadspin. It's profane and honest. And that's what this situation warrants.