Wednesday's Dump & Chase: A Recap

The Nashville Predators are Western Conference Champions. Since the Ottawa Senators managed to force a Game 7 against Pittsburgh we have another day to bask in our glory before acknowledging our next opponent.

In-case you missed it...

5 reasons the Anaheim Ducks were eliminated by the Nashville Predators | FOX Sports
Even when the Duck's tied the game and the internet got very dark and broody, I kept this wildly optimistic faith that the Preds would pull off an epic win. I wanted the Disney movie magic ending. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed. I'll give the Ducks credit where credit is due, but honestly I still don't have anything positive to say about a team that takes pride in advancing by breaking their opponents instead of out-playing them.

The Ducks have embraced the reputation of being the team everyone loves to hate, but with the league trying to make strides towards making hockey a safe space, the Ducks are a prime example of who and what not to aspire to. I think it's time for Anaheim to do some soul searching and fix their mentality. Most of their core only have a few good years left before they fall victim to the trade him before he becomes overpaid baggage scenario. They've been eliminated twice in two years by the same team, obviously something has to change.

Stanley Cup Final: Extra special for the Nashville Predators - The Tennessean
This team has been through a lot since 1998, a prime example of how Rome wasn't built in a day. The past four years have been nothing short of a whirlwind. A new coach, an All-Star Game, blockbuster trades, all building blocks leading to this moment right now. Nashville might always take a lot of flak for how long it took to get to this point, but that's what makes it so much sweeter. Southern hockey markets aren't built in a day, they're built over-time, organically, and when they become Western Conference Champions you won't know what hit you.

Rexrode: Nashville Predators primer for a world getting ready to discover them - The Tennessean
The question is, is the world ready for us? It's an interesting time to be a Nashville fan. If the Preds were a band, they're entering an era in their career where their ride or die fanbase starts calling them sell-outs and they have to find a way to stay true to their game, but perform on the big stage and sell-out all the big shows.

There's a lot of chatter and a lot of hot takes, but this is what becoming a cup contender is all about. This is how history is made, and quite frankly, it's glorious.

Nashville Predators’ run to Stanley Cup Final good for NHL | Newsday
Everyone loves a good underdog story! I have to imagine the Ducks in the Cup final would have been a PR nightmare, given how much people are questioning Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Kessler, and Corey Perry as human beings. How are you supposed to promote the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim when they're really Team Iceland from D2?

I couldn't stop myself.

Nashville is a hockey town, so Canada was totally wrong - Yahoo Sports
Not to run to Canada's aid, but in all fairness, I don't think anyone ever expected Nashville to be the city that it's become. The growth of the city has had a major effect on the growth of the hockey community. It also helps that the Preds, the Titans, and the Sounds can work together to support one-another. If one team wins, the city wins, we all win. Stand With Us. It makes sense.


Sweden defeats Canada for gold at World Championship -
I'm happy for Sweden, that's a country with a lot of talent - see example: The Nashville Predators' Filip Forsberg, Mattias Ekholm, Viktor Arvidsson, Pontus Aberg...

Sidebar: Am I the only person who didn't know Henrik Lundqvist has a twin brother, who also just happens to be a goalie, and Captain of Team Sweden? Just me? Okay. Hockey's fun.

Craig Anderson shines, Senators avoid elimination with Game 6 win -
Ottawa did the thing! The Eastern Conference Final is going to Game 7. I can appreciate a good Game 7, as long as I don't have emotional ties to either team playing said Game 7.

Who do you want the Nashville Predators to face in the Stanley Cup Final?

The Senators163
The Penguins73
An actual team of Penguins121
An actual team of Seantors92