Wednesday's Dump & Chase: It Was The Fourth of July

In-case you were busy indulging in all of the festivities celebrating the birth of America or just shameless watching that 24 hour marathon of Independence Day here's everything you missed in the world of hockey...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Maybe the Preds are giving us some time to enjoy our holidays without clutching our phones for the latest rumor or would-be trade. Maybe there's just really nothing going on. Only time will tell.


Serena is here!! #wimbledon2017

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P.K. Subban really seems to be enjoying his summer.

Is it October yet?

Hockey News

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Why does no one want Jagr? Does no one really want him or is he holding out for someone. Anyone? The Nashville Predators? Anyone?

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Eleven days? Eleven days! I'm exhausted just being a fan by game eleven. I can't imagine paying a game that long.

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