Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Midnight Sadness

The Preds lost to the Ducks last night in a shoot-out after blowing an impressive lead. The good news is, it was so late, we're all just stoked to get a point. On to the next one!

Nashville Predators News

Ducks defeat Predators in Shootout -
There were some good things, but the Predators just didn't have enough life to seal the deal on this one. They have to find another level, they have to dig deeper.

Predators forward Filip Forsberg has been unleashed -
A nice little tid bit here about everyone's favorite scoring machine.

Other Hockey News

No appetite for rule changes among NHL GMs - NHL on CBC Sports
We knew these rule changes were a long shot, they should have just taken a vacation. The best thing to happen during these meetings was Marc Bergevin hiding behind that plant.

Should NHL completely get rid of standings points? - Yahoo Sports
Lou Lamoriello doesn't want your "loser" points.

NHL and Coyotes: Give team new arena or it will leave Arizona -
Times are bleak for the Arizona Coyotes, moving them might be the best option at this point. Staying in Arizona just seems like letting the franchise suffer.

Olli Jokinen announces retirement from the NHL after 18 seasons -
Good for Jokinen. I think his departure from Nashville was a little salty but he was a good guy. Glad he can finally stay put with his family.

NHL -- Los Angeles Kings goalie Ben Bishop on how he learned he'd been traded, getting comfortable with his new team and having his first L.A. moment with Will Ferrell -
Personally I didn't see this trade happening, I don't think anyone really did. Bishop seems to be adapting to his new team well.

PETA Asks NHL To Ban Use Of Live Animals " CBS Pittsburgh
Can we pen a letter to PETA just asking them to stop? It's not like they put the Penguins in ice skates and made them play a hockey game.

Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers defeat Panthers -
Lunqvist moves into the tenth spot on all-time goalies list.

Lost in My Mind - Players' Tribune
This is probably one of the darker pieces for the Players' Tribune. Brent Sopel paints an eerie picture of what it's like to be a former NHL player who's won a Stanley Cup, and still struggled to find peace in life after the game.