Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Bat Country

Too weird to live, but not too rare...not too rare at all. The Vegas Golden Knights are upon us.

After months of speculation and silent pleas for Las Vegas to not name their hockey team the Las Vegas Black Knights, they named their team the Vegas Golden Knights. No Las, just Vegas. It's not terrible and the logo is well done, but after months of speculation, Golden Knights is meh at best.

While 'Bold in Gold' sounds eerily similar to Nashville's 'Behold the Gold' campaign from 2011 I'm assuming different shades of gold make the difference.

When Golden Knights was bounced around earlier yesterday afternoon I was a little annoyed. Nashville's thing has been gold for a while now. Gold Out, Golden Saturdays, questionable gold helmets, all gold EVERYTHING. I'm surprised Bridgestone isn't gold plated by now. I'll deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins deciding to bring their gold back, but there can only be one team in the west, and that team is Nashville. Sorry Vegas!

It could have been better, but it also could have been worse. Hopefully they get their AV situation sorted before the draft.

And now we can all return to our regularly scheduled hockey. The Nashville Predators take on the Dallas Stars tonight at Bridgestone to kick off Thanksgiving festivities.

Hockey News and Notes

The NHL'€™s Las Vegas team finally reveals its name and logo | FOX Sports
All jokes about the logo aside, their secondary logo...yikes. That one could still use some work.

Vegas Golden Knights unveiled their new logo and the internet immediately had a field day -
Maybe someone here can spruce up that secondary logo?

P.K. Subban's parents pleased with son's transition to Nashville - The Tennessean
A nice little piece from Adam Vingan on what P.K. Subban's parents think of their son's new city.

NHL's J.T. Brown Smashes Fan's iPhone |
In case you missed it, J.T. Brown is garbage, and Ryan Ellis will forever live in infamy on TMZ.

Special Kids Receives Nashville Predators Foundation Grant - Murfreesboro News and Radio
Another Nashville Predators feel good moment. The Foundation really does a lot for the community.

How the 13 newest NHL teams picked their names -
I would like to point out it wasn't just a fang, they found an entire skull of a prehistoric animal, that now resides at Bridgestone. Even Gordon Bombay would be impressed.

Burns, Sharks agree to eight-year, $64M deal - Article - TSN
Brent Burns becomes one of the highest paid defenseman in the league, now he can buy all the beard oil his heart desires.

NHL backup goalies contend with high shots, shot charts |
Chris Mason reflects on the role of a backup goaltender.

Bruins-Blues Preview: Does St. Louis Miss David Backes? - CBS Boston
This is a real hockey headline, and I laughed a little.

What might the NHL's Las Vegas expansion team look like next season? - USA Today
All the draft predictions keep pointing at Callie Jarnkrok going to Las Vegas. After seeing some of the other predictions I sincerely hope that doesn't happen, for his sake more than Nashville's. Yeeesh.